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If there's any message that we really want to put out is think about your neighbors think about the people who you care about that live in your neighborhood speak your mind and speaking sept is their best back up and running after the city curfew expire but not without obstacles years commodities market brown says they had high hopes but those were quickly dashed by two fires one along Broad Street in the strip of stores across from the Olney transportation center it disrupted several bus lines and pick ups were moved to the fern rock transportation center attend the need road service on the market Frankford line was interrupted by an early morning fire near the Allegheny station in Kensington shuttle buses were put into service between Berks station and the Frankford transportation center inspectors were examining the tracks support structures in that area of the fire and wanted to wait until firefighters pulled up operations before giving the all clear and there were bus routes throughout the city that was shut down Sunday and weren't able to run today because of on going police activity related to the protests the Broad Street subway had few problems getting moving again finally the regional rails were restarted with a limited schedule and those lines already affected by Kobe nineteen measures remained closed mark Abrams KYW newsradio one day after twelve people were arrested for smashing windows at and around the king of Prussia mall police blocked roads and mall entrances also a heavy police presence at the willow Grove mall and other shopping centers around the suburbs it seems to be worked as were only hearing minor reports of vandalism but abuse suburban bureau chief Jim Millward has more the target on city Avenue monument road was looted around six thirty surreal scene in the parking lot with the random scattered items like boxes of diapers shampoo even a smash TV but not long after in king of Prussia protesters would line the busy intersection in Henderson road dekalb pike moved into the street taking a knee for just shy of nine minutes the same amount of time Minneapolis police officer Derek Saban's Lee was on George Floyd's throats powerful you know everybody's coming together for a good cause enough to breed draper from king of Prussia says he hopes the vandalism destruction and looting it doesn't take away from what he wants to be the main message I mean if you were.

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