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I want to know where they pull these numbers from and why they pull these particular numbers because because these numbers are overly favorable to the police making the argument effectively that yeah. Dui check point I mean they're not even arguing the UI checkpoints are effective. But like this is what I like it it makes it sound like oh well these checkpoints might not be so bad. Even though they're using this as an example of why chuck winter are bad or ineffective. But but it's not. I don't think this is the best. I think this is actually like not. It's all a lot worse than this is making it sound sound from from what they've pulled satistics wise one prime example from two thousand fourteen shows that Sobriety Checkpoint Waleed five hundred fifty six drivers nine were arrested for driving under the influence. That number number seems really really really really high. There have been hundreds if not thousands of drivers on the the major road between Brattleboro and keene just on the night that we were at the checkpoint in Cheshire County. Yeah along that road so and there was not a single one neither that nor toward the other night that the twenty in Cheshire County so no no arrests for driving under the influence. Where why did they pick this particular example right like this? Doesn't this sound like I would think that is one of their most successful ones in and I'm thinking to be so they've got a number number five hundred fifty six drivers Waleed. I'm thinking that's the number that were pulled off to the secondary checkpoint Because I would imagine that if there is a Two you're three thousand drivers that go through the checkpoint. Then maybe they get five hundred fifty six they get pulled right and this further inconvenience ten thousand maybe more drivers. You're probably right but even in this case so two to five percent is what it looks like. Roughly two to five percent of the people that are stopped and interrogated arrogated are found some sort of violation anyway. Eight others were arrested for something not in talks not intoxication. Yeah so that's interesting because these just don't and again these are. I think these basically are statistics that they're pulling out. But I think I think these I think And this is the thing thing like there. I think there were four people who are ticketed for different things during the two nights that they did the checkpoint in Cheshire County Or the two I should say the checkpoints in Cheshire County this past not this year but last year and of those mm again like nothing. No single person was was under intoxication. But but that's what that's what. Just that's why I'm thinking like this is unusual. This is seems like an unusual example that they pulled out but anyway eight others were arrested for something not intoxication so in other words basically and the thing is only permitted like if you actually look at what so they have to get a warrant in order to set up the checkpoint and when they set up these checkpoints like they're supposed to do like the only thing they're supposed to be looking for is intoxication. What they say to people is specified like in the in the warrant? What they what car is they pull over like they have to say We're GONNA pull over every third car and like some of this is done in order to like. I think it has to do with discrimination like so that they can't be accused of discrimination nation or something like that but like to show where the cones are going to be laid what roads what side of the road like all. This has to be planned out and approved by the Superior Court. We're in New Hampshire prior to them doing these checkpoints in order for them to be legal. But what we found is that they're they're violating violating these. These these orders. I know it's been. It's been one of the things I've been asked or people have brought up is if they're not doing they're not obeying order they're in violation in you. It might be and I don't know if this is the key. I don't know if we do this. But you might be able to go in and file something with the court saying hey dating actually actually they were breaking the law here and they might be able to. The court might be able to punish them at that point for for for that. But I don't know like nobody's actually investigated needed or taking that path and I don't even know if we'd be able to file something with the core. Maybe you could if you went through the checkpoint I but like usually you can't sue the police if they violate your rights and a lot of cases so it's yeah yeah I mean you defectively. If you were me I don't even know if you'd have to drink and drive and they go through the checkpoint point in order to have a case I don't know yeah I don't know about that but yeah you can. You can file a lawsuit for virtually anything but it won't go anywhere they'll get everything thrown out in a lot of cases if it's not you know if it's obviously up to you have to allege crime took place so someone has committed committed a criminal act against you usually just for detaining you for a few minutes. They're not gonNA be able to do anything in this case standing might be an issue so they're setting it up Were you detained tain for. How long usually a few minutes is reasonable so it? It is very difficult to stop this kind of thing unless they actually arrest you unlawfully. I stated Let's see here so so let's hear funders. Thirty nine drivers were innocent. The cops didn't catch them in violation of any laws. Though there's zero zero doubt that all five hundred fifty six were guilty of some violation or another. Well Yeah Yeah I I wouldn't be surprised. And here's the other thing just because somebody's arrested doesn't necessarily really mean they're guilty here either so just because there were eight people arrested they could have all been innocent for all we know for so so five to three nine had their rights infringed on while while travelling freely inside the borders of their own state. Free staters are known to protest the Stobbs they will we've signs warning drivers of upcoming sobriety checkpoints. It's not just brady checkpoints. Let's make this clear.

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