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Live from npr news in washington i'm windsor johnston secretary of state mike pompeo says north korea could have an economy on par with the south if it gives up its nuclear weapons program npr's michele keleman reports pompeii oh return from pyongyang earlier this week secretary pompeii oh is laying the groundwork for an upcoming summit between kim jong un and president trump and he's calling for bold actions in exchange for us security assurances and economic support shurmur kim choose with the right path there is a future brimming with peace in prosperity for the north korean people south korea's foreign minister here to meet bombayo says the north should not expect any sanctions relief until it takes visible and meaningful steps to denuclearize she also says the us military presence in south korea is a bilateral issue not one that should be on the table with pyongyang michelle kellerman npr news the state department president trump says he's fulfilling his long stand promise to lower the cost of prescription drugs speaking at the white house today trump on veiled his plan to help americans pay for their medications were also increasing competition and reducing regulatory burdens so drugs can be gotten to the market quicker and cheaper we're very much eliminating the middleman the middlemen became very very read some democrats say they're willing to work with the president house minority leader nancy pelosi says both parties want affordable drug prices were setting a high standard and hope that his proposal will meet that because we'd love to work in a bipartisan way to reduce cost when outlining his plan trump did not mention allowing medicare to negotiate directly with drugmakers california's booming economy is pumping money into state coffers at unprecedented levels but governor jerry brown is once again proposing.

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