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One sensing hearing down one more to go for former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort that is after a judge in Virginia sentenced Manafort to forty seven months for those crimes. He's been convicted of tax and Bank fraud just shy of four years. NBC's Halley Jackson. Prosecutors wanted nineteen to twenty four years, but they're calling those sentencing guidelines excessive next week. Manafort will be sentenced for conspiracy in another federal case in DC three house members who are Muslim are praising the house resolution condemning anti semitism and Islamophobia representatives Ilhan, Omar Rashida to leave. But Andre Carson hailing it as great progress as a nation is having a difficult conversation about religious, intolerance and hate of all kinds. An Alabama native American tribe is covering the cost of the funerals for the thousand three people killed by tornadoes last weekend. The league county coroner says the Porsche band of creek Indians donated one hundred eighty four thousand dollars for the funerals. Lisa carter. NBC News Radio. A former equifax executive pleads guilty to insider trading charges. Federal prosecutors say the John Yang a former chief information officer at equifax got a hold of early sensitive information that the company had been the victim of a data breach. They say that's before the case went public. Prosecutors say late August Yang then exercised all the stock options. Got a hold of more than sixty eight hundred shares and sold them with the proceeds amounting to nearly a million dollars. Equifax stock plummeted in price when the bridge became public in early September gang is to be sentenced June twenty-seventh on whose securities fraud conviction. Mark Woolsey NBC, News Radio Atlanta. The Federal Reserve says the net value of US households is falling to the lowest levels since the great recession. The economists released data showing that the sharp stock market fall at the end of the fourth quarter hurt US households the net worth of all homes, stunks and Bank accounts fell three point seven trillion dollars in the final quarter of two thousand eighteen that's. Three point five percent decline since nineteen fifty two. There have been only three quarters that saw bigger declines due at the end of two thousand in age when the great recession began the other was the second quarter of nineteen sixty two most Americans may not feel like they're worthless. Because the soft market has since recovered a new IBM said he shows only eighteen percent of senior leadership positions worldwide are held by women. The study pulled Twenty-three hundred executives and other professionals the findings indicate that the reason for the disparity in numbers is because organizations haven't yet made the advancement of women a formal business priority. There are three reasons revealed organizations aren't sold on the business. Value men. Underestimate the magnitude of gender bias in their workplace and few organizations display a sense of urgency about the issue. Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio and get ready to bench. Disney says its upcoming new streaming service Disney glass will feature it's entire film library. Lisa carter. NBC News Radio watch..

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