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Well there's The theory that my life doing alessi's storyteller told me about that. We're all born with a wild twin. And um the and as children the well twin done get lot. Praise ready to get off the tension. It says stop sit down. Stop doing that other domes down rip that apart. Whatever is so the wild twain guz Not really a big role for him. Meanwhile the sensible twins getting homework on time taught in the bedroom all that steaks. We have two things off however the well tuned dwindle has its own adventures in the world. Now as we get older. The sensible twin does joke that you know that. Cv to get any job at once. All that stuff does actually with born this of go got the call the expense go so they ready in a that wild twin. You know we say if you want to invite the wild twin back in your life right. You can't just send them an email so of growing up now a lot. Hugh come join me. You have to stop behaving in a way that they think he or she isn't so boring after all so so consequently that just ready to play is the easiest job in you kitchen where you guys have to one two three hit. Somethin' lie here and then after organize my bit turns into a group. They're ready. it's done. Tell anybody but this is the easy joke. Because i don't have competition. Everyone thinks it's so difficult. It's really really easy. It's much easier than doing something now. We're not seen if you and your work. It makes sense because it most of these conferences. And i present on normal the canine boring us talking about facts and figures in the future and then along comes this drummer. And it's going on. Everyone's going to remember the drummer. Not may your. Your job was pretty pretty easy because it's so different. What what do you think they. The doing of the wild child is coming out. But why do you think that's so successful in getting people out there and and what are you teaching them. What are they leaving your session with. The they'll do differently to what is so funny to me. I follow quite a lot speakers who say Don't give up on your dreams but the thing is is about giving up plenty train. It's the most people. Those conferences have given up on their dreams. Otherwise won't be sitting there. So you cannot say legitimately to those people. Don't give up on your teenage drinks too late to be an athlete too late to be all the things they wanted to. They can have new dreams. So i think that's a much better message while you're here in new dream and don't give up on that within the context the analogy. Because i personally i think he's being disingenuous. Never say that that whole. Don't give up when you dreams thing. But i say let's kinda activate a new dream with.

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