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Rone says the White House is trying not to take sides, while urging peace president has spent the week in a delicate dance, pushing both Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Abbas. End the conflict. While not wanting to appear to take sides. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will be traveling to the region soon, and he's going to be meeting with his counterparts there. The mind administration says it will extend deportation productions and work permits for 54,000 Haitian immigrants living in the U. S with temporary protected status. Move will allow hundreds of thousands of other eligible Haitians to request relief and a volcano in the Congo has erupted for the first time. In nearly two decades, A river of molten lava poured down the slopes of Mount Nyiragongo onto a major highway as panicked residents trying to fleas Goma, a city of nearly two million, no word on any casualties. This is CBS News. Politics policy and pop culture with CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett Welcome to the very best part of my broadcast week that take out weekends on the CBS radio network. Introducing the most highly anticipated handheld device to date superior design with interactive smart display seven personalized smart mothers and AI technology The world has never seen. I think you're gonna want to see this and the most surprising parties. We're talking about a toothbrush, the new or I'll be. Iowa Electric toothbrush. Get the Wow. The professional clean feel every day. Make a sale or I'll be dressed like a pro. I know about courage. I learned from my adoptive mom, she said. Sometimes you just gotta hold on. And.

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