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The smell y'all never forget the smell the smells guadagno is not a good smell but then you kind of realize like i'm gonna get this once in a lifetime chance in i don't even care how smells and halted could is a place where you can see icebergs breaking apart and when you see that is hall to ignore how climate change is affecting the planet as a visitor you contribute to that climate change and melting ice getting their involves flying somewhere and taking a ship and you repeat both things on the way back i want people to go to an article and i don't i just i want people that i wish everyone could see at once somehow and had that feeling of being in a place where human certain charge because i think that's a really wonderful feeling mosty year sherry went to one of the antarctic islands with an expedition leader he had been going there for decades on this trip it was the first time they could actually set foot on this island during tourist season because it had gotten so warm that the ice around that melted and when you hear someone say that that's one of those like a moments climate change is this abstract looming problem we hear about on the news but now sherry was seeing its in front of her i have another level of it as a writer where i'm kind of making it worse because then i come back and i write about these places and i get people excited about going there nine even perpetuating the problem even more the scientists who go to insulted couve few some pressure as well heather lynched studies penguins and she's been the multiple times she says that every trip she takes to antarctica comes with a loss of carbon emissions from the flights and the ship she's wrecked up a carbon bet if you will all of us as scientists included comeback every year and in debt and we spend the rest of the a repaying that debt and in our case you know we try and do that by making sure that the data we collect really ends up contributing to management of the antarctic she is an associate professor of ecology and evolution at stony brook university in new york she studying how climate change is affecting the penguins and part of that involves doing con of a penguin census heather and her staff.

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