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You were almost reluctant to be apologetic about an issue that four which is a huge maker barbies did very night which let there was some weather that made it so sales we're tougher part of the reason gym that i try never to discuss whether is that i want the guys in the field using that as an excuse right we got warriors in the field we need them selling whether with definitely an issue in april i mean it was definitely an issue yes we always have january february weather but it leaked over we saw pretty decent bounce back in may though but you've also said you've been in business for a long time and you have ups and downs and you can't think of it on a moment to moment basis his long term strategy right my goal is how do we grow the company how do we grow earnings and how do we grow the file size that's the key now on the conference call you curse and you said that the ds you're here whoa you basically talked about your distribution center and you saying that it was a kind of show the kind of show that you put water i cleared up it did clear up i think what happened was people originally thought that we bought gander mountain to get into the big box retail business that's totally true to false okay we disclose today at the baird conference in a public environment our real strategy behind the acquisition of gander it was our back door entry into the market in minnesota wisconsin indiana illinois pennsylvania and texas where we're going to be putting rv's in most of those locations as not it's not a gun play which i know our in fact it's it's yes we sell firearms we sell hunting firearms but it is always and will always be an rv play that is our business and what we what we do to grow our business jim is we grow our file are good sam filing and that's just another way to do it now in terms of things that you said that you might disguise rookie mistakes there was a filing which talked about a ten k to company concluded that its internal controls you guys not the you guys can said your internal control of what he was not as effective so that's something.

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