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But yeah. Barcelona look back themselves after the nil nil in France against Leon in the in the first leg, like, I said messy was brilliant. I thought Louis Suarez was great had not Megan the game. Did you see that? Oh, he's just he's he's run over the ball himself and allowed it to go through his legs and subsequently through the Leon defender behind him. And it was it was vicious. It was wrong that man has a wife and family. He's got a return base. Still are no. Soccer has has changed the way what we deem to be good football it changes periodically. But something about Barcelona when they are playing their style, and they are at their best. They're just so fun to watch the quick passing quick movement messy doing his thing. They're they're still. They still probably are my favorite team to watch from three of messy, Suarez and continual and behind them than Bush gets racketeering. And then further back PK. Geordie album, the left hand side is well, that's some that's a nice spying of of really talented players would agree Barcelona. Now, they extend their home unbeaten run in the Champions League. And it is actually now they were tied for the longest streak at twenty nine straight home games, unbeaten now, they are alone atop that list with thirty straight unbeaten at home in the Champions League. That is really impressive. Not shocking. I guess I would say, but it's quite something. It is. And then last, but not least Manchester City and key seven nil on the night. She dear God and tend to overall I will have more on this a little bit later in the show, but we can still talk about it. Now, I was curious yours fan related. No. You saw the show compares go down to the fans at the end of the cop off. Do you know what it's interesting? They basically anyone who hasn't seen it. The shock players, the usual, you know, clap above the head, but they went right down to the fans as German teams tend to do and it reminded me of the last days of believe Uragan Klopp. Remember Dortmund went through this crazy season where there were like six or seven. I remember the players pleading with the fans to tonight Vick with a Matt's was much homeless still at the company got up on the fence. And he's like having a conversation with the guys of the yellow wall. And I just thought that kind of accountability was really really endearing to me. And I don't see it in England anymore. And I don't see it in in span even. Not amongst the big clubs on the same thing half, which Salga, but there was no dialogue. There was just angry. People who'd spent a ton of money to come to Manchester to watch the game all the way from Germany on their faces. There was one guy was just like you just staring back fairness to the players. They took it. Now. It got thrown back to the studio. Kate Abdul was of like mind with me. She said I actually liked that. I liked that level of accountability. Stu holden. Agreed. Tim Howard, did not you. He said you paid to see the game. You did not pay to win. I get his point. But to the for eight on that I don't I strange tack to take look the players the players put in dire performance. They are putting in dire performances in the Bundesliga. Well, that is the only in a weird way. That is like the only thing that I would say in shell is defense. Like, okay, you shouldn't be losing seven nil. By the way, that's the only defense associate which I shouldn't be losing seven nil. Don't care who you're playing in. You are in the Champions League. But you're not a Champions League club their fourteenth in the in the German league right now and just points above the drop zone. Dominico tedesco. I don't know what he does with that team. Tell you what he did do which was kind fair. A Weston mckennie was again jettisoned into play pool. That I'm not sure he would like to fulfill his he's fast becoming the John O'Shea of the US men's national team. I remember John O'Shea on any given day could be the center back or the striker..

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