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That have done it and we know what we can do so i i think you said it well that with our expectation is will worry about ourselves and there's no guarantee these other teams are going to continue to play that way they are and will hopefully we can chip away back into the race they're coming back and i'm telling you i you know if you grow tomatoes annika how you'd what you do in april and may and june we're all going to have we're all going to have tomatoes in august enough that's the way it works it comes back unless some tigers thirty five and five or some site nettie red seventy in thirty or the big red machine things like that happen seattle one hundred sixteen games whatever things like that happens that's how i feel bad i will take a break i want to talk to you a little bit about that play with jason hayward running in the lane and we're more was when he threw the ball and let the rule really is and that was a very big playing a game in almost the threerun homer almost happen with hayward as well so what a crazy four days in chicago and also we'll talk a little bit about secondary leads because we hear this word all the time phil neville is concerned about it all third baseman third base coach is concerned about it i know something you teach but i'm not sure i understand really what it is and how you do it as opposed to just a primary lead so we need the professor on this uh we'll be back with round would us right after this talking baseball with marty lorry on knzr six eighty these sports leader when and now in minded speeches from guy let's talk about power to illustrate allow me to tell you a story about how i moved 10truck twenty five mile using only my index i was stranded when a flat tire i opened then with a few tips of my thing i can imagine roadside assistance and a 10truck to my car i invite you to unleash the full potentional if you think it i i seventy excellent seventy.

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