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Zack Wheeler What's again excellent Dan the Mets win yet another Zack Wheeler start he has had four consecutive victories the Mets, are five and. Oh in Wheeler's last five outings as he pitched seven. Innings of shutout ball, tonight and the Mets defeat the Atlanta. Braves three to nothing they snapped their four game losing streak, in the process. And for Zack Wheeler he. Now has more wins this year then Jacob degrom does as he got into through seven innings allowing three hits he had nine strikeouts, tonight we. Were very sharp. As he's been for the last several weeks now and the Mets able. To beat Atlanta tonight in this three nothing ballgame I'm Wayne Randazzo. This is the Mets post game show. On the wer MICH radio network this is what we're starting to get used to from Zack Wheeler he was strong from the outset tonight he struck out the first. Three batters that he faced in this game and. Never really had much trouble a single from FREDDY Freeman in the. Fourth another. From flowers and the fifth Freeman doubled to start the. Seventh that was the only Time the. Braves even had a man in scoring position against Zack Wheeler tonight Atlanta never had anyone reached third base in this game whatsoever and, the Mets. Role tonight in. This three nothing win against the Braves new can celebrate tonight's winning performance. Proudly delivered by Old Dominion freight line do official freight carrier of. The New York Mets teams who go. The distance to win the people of OD go the distance to meet their customers needs across North America and around the world learn more at owed EFL dot com. For Wheeler seventeen consecutive scoreless innings that's a new. Career high for him Belt from Jeff McNeil tonight the Mets rookie had a breakout game. Four for four for McNeil in this one a. Big part of the Mets offense as he. Helped the Mets get a couple of runs in the bottom of. The sixth inning was really all the offense they needed as it turned out he was also impactful in. The second inning when he doubled Todd Frazier to third Frazier eventually scored Austin Jackson had an RBI and that six so. Did Kevin PLA wacky and the Mets get a three nothing victories you can get certainly not a blowout by any. Means game where the Braves could've taken a couple swings and gotten back. Into it but Atlanta never really seemed capable of doing that. They did have two men on the eighth, so the time runs did. Come to the. Plate in that eighth-inning but the Mets were able to get out of it as Robert Casselman enter to retire Ozzy all Bs Ronald kunia struck out in that eighth inning against Bobby wall that was a key out in the top of the eighth. So that only real threat from the Braves in this game happened in. That eighth inning and the Mets relievers Were able to sneak out of it but Mickey Callaway gets to. Discuss Zack Wheeler after tonight's game because we was once again at his best as the Mets win three nothing So long at this point this season but did he take it up another notch tonight in your, mind Obviously this really well I, saw the, same, stuff same power fastball same good. Break, on a slider You know I think that his consistencies just allowing him to feel a little more confident each. Start. And go out there and continue to. Put up better and better. Start no you had Blevins up before the seventh Did you want to see Wheeler go out there though and try and get through those hitters at that point in the game with what was it? A. To nothing lead yeah really did he Obviously it was two hitter going had electric stuff still and you know wanted? To keep him in the game? As, long? As possible Sometimes when the pitcher's coming up that's a tough, call luckily scored, another run and we're.

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