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That we'd be able to release the memo and here at the end of this what we find out is that the rip it was a republican memo written by republicans it was voted on partisan lines uh in the committee that republicans could release it and now it's going to go to uri promote republican president who's going to likely say that he it was good released when you said released the demo who were you asking who were you demanding release the memo the exact people who wanted you to start the hashtag so it's just like it's all of theater they're just trying to get all of us excited about these things and i want to see the information i do but why do we have to deal with this as well i just i just i just i think we can summon up with this and i'm sorry to change the subject but this is very important we'll someone please tell glenn beck to wear pants a hashtag so he'll glenn finally see it your hashtag glenn must wear pants push back on this one but i also agree it took and there's a lot more going on jason stay with us because it wasn't just the memo that was about a third of the news yesterday guys and please spread the hashtag glenn where the pats glenn where the pants cash tagged glenn where the pants in june let me tell you about a a sponsor of ours that who is just joined us and it's a it's a new sponsor but i have been doing a commercials for another flower company that uh i thought was a really great flower company and so did somebody else a f t d and f td went out and paid a lot of money for this and i think ripped the heart out of this company and i started getting complaints from you saying in oakland the the flowers are old dead by the time they get here uh a lot of complaints and so we stopped we have a new uh sponsor taking their place and the reason why i'm i'm telling you this.

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