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With us mark Carman kept Paul with you till ten teddy Greenstein little college football will there be a season talk coming up at the bottom of the hour a little bit after eight thirty we did have sports today and I was getting ready for the show sitting in my cubicle socially distancing from all WGN personnel doing things in a cubicle there I don't really I just your paint a picture a guy going to in one of the production base they don't yeah production base sure I was gonna cubicle started after current podcast studio but whatever I'm in my own corner and I'm like all right I got it there's live sports about to happen here let me go get myself in front of the television the bell I'm not the biggest horse racing guy here I'll be honest your first income I do I'm not gonna pretend you have to really commit like your entire life actually understand the ins and outs of horse racing industry but I I live in Arlington racetrack so my favorite places in the world so you have a great day okay Seaview you've been Darling did you get into worse racing you know in Arlington bunch try to go a couple times this summer okay Curtis you're nodding your head you've been Arlington yep same time same place okay we used to go in high school and that was a couple years ago now I have not been to the tracking in in many many years there was actually there was a I think it was a stone I wanna see sportsman's maybe even like I ran like a five K. that's the list the last time I've been to attract but so I I made the point sports is here this is sports I guess even though I still kind of confused by it but I got it from the TV and I really enjoyed the whole moments let's let's just how long is this Curtis about forty five seconds forty five seconds of sports happen today in case you missed it here once but when is the leader changes.

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