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Some analysts worry bowling's problems could affect the national economy the labor department reported American employers created a hundred twenty eight thousand jobs in October but C. N. B. C. commentator Jim Cramer worries Boeing's issues over the past year it might affect the entire US economy soon he points to the demands of major airlines for Boeing to pay up for the groundings of their Max jets including the C. E. O. of American Doug Parker says apologizing for fifty minutes his behind and I don't know this is a very tough week for for what I regard as America's based company uses all the groundings could potentially cause Boeing billions and that might result in a tightening in the number of aerospace jobs across the country Charlie harder colonial firefighters couple hours to knock down a fire at a Mount Vernon potato farm that's been run by the same family for five generations fire did some heavy damage to the building at Morrison farms where they have their offices and repair and maintenance all their equipment for third generation farmer Derren Morrison says because it happened just as harvest descending they should be able to recover in time to plant again in April our neighbors offer the space we can get some work done but the mover tool so it's gonna take awhile I'm I'm sure we're down for a least a week you know without doing anything and then after that we'll start ramping up on a few things and then take it from there fire investigators will have to determine what started the fire department fire is under investigation for crest for units were damaged or for crest drive in Emerson street this morning no one was hurt but six people have to find somewhere else to stay they sell out of the Seattle Sounders FC is latest MLS Cup rematch against Toronto at she's described as near immediate this call was Ryan Harris tells us there are still tickets available for a premium it's the third MLS Cup in four years for the Sounders all of those matches against Toronto each team with one when he the call in Nicholas Ladera with what turned out to be the game winning goal in the conference finals against LA F. C. it's not just that it's the first MLS Cup Seattle is hosted since the inaugural two thousand nine season for that it's going to be a tough match these fans are rabid and that's why tickets are going for a minimum of two hundred fifty dollars from the brokers if you want good seats you left to pay seven hundred twelve hundred fourteen hundred or nearly seventeen hundred dollars a piece just make sure you get them from a reputable ticket brokers so you don't get scalped by a scalper Ryan Harris promoter who stays away from tolling on highway ninety nine total it starts a week from tomorrow on November night with a good to go past the total cost of box during the overnight hours on weekends it's a dollar fifty during morning rush and up to two twenty five during the afternoon commute vehicles without.

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