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The care you need we can't wait to see you again learn more at tri health dot com it is seven forty seven just kind of like the airplane here's Brian combs the Duke of the quarter hour I've got new lead every single time today I know I have been going on I've been I apologize for that kings island one of the big stories in the morning the museum park thought they would maybe be one of the attractions the governor would let re open he said okay zoos museums playgrounds things like that skating rinks but he said no to kings island Cedar Point the water parks in the state so do kings island has gone to court in Warren County and they are now challenging the order from doctor Amy active state health department director that basically keeps them close they say she does not have the constitutional authority to do that and said that she can set the shut businesses down temporarily for fourteen days if there is because the covert nineteen outbreak obviously being that because but they say that under Ohio law that's it that she cannot extend those order any for a maybe some as simple as she doesn't like merry go rounds yeah you don't know or border guards V. state was sued by gym owners couple of weeks ago and the gym owners won that case and we're able to reopen immediately so we're waiting to see if some decision comes from Warren County court today that could allow kings island opens soon as this weekend while you'd be online I don't think so no but I want to write a rhyme for sure well what I can wait you can wait all right we're going up our news eight o'clock no unrest in the city of Cincinnati last night and no arrests for breaking curfew details on that even newsradio seven W. O. W. time for the child medical minute which is brought you by trying out for the rest of the week as doctor Kevin Joseph the system chief medical officer and senior vice president of tri health and the topic of the week a safety measures regarding the return of elective surgery today's question is what's the current status of elective surgeries at trial order right now is that we can schedule a disservice but we cannot schedule overnight elective surgeries that is expected to be lifted next we could sell maybe two weeks as we really determine what D. surges if there is any surge from opening up these other businesses whether it be a hair salons or other place the gathering the real reason why we do not want elective cases scheduled it wouldn't work want them when they had to be admitted to pick up bad it'd take up more PP well pretty good on the PP but we only have so many bad so if opening up the bars restaurants salons awesome to see large surge we still want to be ready to take care of patients and not have all the beds occupied by elective inpatient surgeries all right you can find out more in fact gets the entire podcast and seven hundred W. L. W. dot com slash health for more information generally.

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