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The. Welcome to top advisor marketing where you will learn how to become a prolific online influencers attract more ideal clients and grow your practice. Wrought to you by top advisor podcasting a done for you podcasting solution. Bill just for trusted advisers, and now nor co hosts of top advisor marketing Turk glow and met Halloran. Hello. And welcome to another top advisor marketing podcast. You know, we have these things e pods. It's when we have an opportunity to go out and do live podcasting at conferences, and I had the opportunity to meet our guest today, and we interviewed him at this big conference. And there was just something about him. You know, and I know all of you have experienced that. When there's just something about somebody in. You're like like either this person is just doing something truly unique and different or they're very genuine and an Amish dobra today, our guest is both. So not only is he a genuinely good person, and you can feel that very quickly. What they do is really really cool unique and different. So I wanted to bring him on the top adviser marketing show and talk a little bit about what he does a little bit on his history a little bit about his company. So welcome to the show, man. Thanks for having me back on appreciate it. Yeah. So you are the CEO at third seven advisers what I'd like for you to do is to just give us a brief history of how you have. Gotten to where you are. Because it's it's a great story like love your trajectory because it it really puts a light on who you are. What makes what third seven does truly cool. The hanks. Yeah. And happy to tell the story. I'll even step back a little bit further into the glory days of being a senior at college, which is where I sort of decided on entering the financial services industry. It's I'm really going to date myself with some of this conversation. So you know, it's a trip down memory lane. But it's it's a term that old man lane at the same time. So I remember being in college, and it was a Friday night talking to a friend of mine, and it was ten o'clock getting ready to go out in the phone rang. And it's a good friend who had already graduated a year ahead of me. And I said, hey, what are you doing? And he said, oh, I'm about to head home. And I said patch Friday night would would you mean, you're going home? And he said why were it's ten o'clock shouldn't you be going out? And he said, I'm I worked ten o'clock every night. He said. He said, you know, this is what we do in this investment banking world. Now mind you I was a few weeks away from super Saturday in New York about to embark on that same journey, and I said to myself, boy is this really what I wanna do hung up. The phone went out like a good college kid should. But then the next week. I was going to the computer lab when you if you remember what those were I remember a much if everyone will. But I going to the computer lab, and there was a flyer on the window of one of the conference rooms at said looking for work life balance, if you know wanna do more than facts and FedEx in your first job. Come learn more about SEI, and I literally ripped the flyer off the wall and said this is exactly what I'm looking for. And so I took a job in oaks, Pennsylvania, which is right outside at king of Prussia next forge Pennsylvania and said, you know. What if it stinks at worst? You know, I'm a guy originally from north jersey, I'll move back in with my parents and commute to New York. Long story short. I've been in the great Commonwealth for over twenty years and have it left, and it was a great career move. Give me a great opportunity to see the financial services from the inside how from an operational perspective from a wholesaler perspective from an asset management perspective. And along the way cobbled the ability to look at our industry from from different viewpoints from a from a wholesaler product standpoint from a advisor standpoint, and now from a management stamp from consulting standpoint as well and from a management standpoint. And I think it served me really well to to give me a rounded look at what are what advisers thing what clients think what management? Thanks. What would people who are products providers, our industry think it's really shaped my personal point of view as to what's important and the. Best part is also been able to gather great mentors along the way, officially or unofficially. Who also shaped my point of view and spent a lot of time trying to continue to harness being a good leader recognizing that you never arrive. It's it's just like anything else you have to constantly work at it. So I've been blessed with a with a variety of roles in my career in various opportunities that have that have had a meaningful impacted to get to where I am too. So you can have a big scope of things that you are bringing to this position. But when you really break it down Likud, you work with what is your specially? What is an ideal client for third seven? Look like. Yeah. So we're more beat a be. And what I mean by that is we work to we were through the advisor to access the client. We don't really work through the end client at all the advisory perspective. Our job is to create a compelling reason. Why advisor would watch? Want to affiliate with third seven. And that's what our goal is. And we think we've created a unique and compelling platform that attracts sophisticated visors who were with sophisticated clients. That's a mouthful what does that mean that because our true differentiation is in the alternatives bucket, which is the fastest growing segment of the investment industry. More specifically in the direct private investing, which is also the fastest growing alternative segment. Whether you're an adviser or family office, which are targets we we specialize in that. And that is to our sister company. Third seven capital that were able to get access to early stage direct deals think about being on the many of us have seen the show shark tank with Mark Cuban on it where you have these emerging companies that no one's ever heard of. And they have a great idea, and they're trying to get their idea to grow and get access to cap. Title the problem with the show shows like shark tank is the problem with private equity funds, or is that they're

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