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Of course i'm here i am thrilled to be here and to my left it is one of my former colleagues from macworld and the author of take control of high sierra charlene mcfarland's back welcome back shelly stan and the upcoming take control of mojave i wanna be present but i'm glad to hear it i can't wait to take control but i'm gonna take control of the show right now by getting into things i just got a pitch this morning before an a trash can yeah that's right we're getting trashy this machine uses quote machine learning and quote neural nets to sort between recyclables and refuse so you'd drop in some some trash and then it sends things into recycling or it's since things into the normal garbage bin however you can only drop in one thing at a time and sometimes it can't recognize what that object is and so you have to tell it and this whole thing just seems so silly so i'm curious what is a smart device that you think is a little silly or isn't worth adding smarts to or alternatively something you thought was silly but then you got this thing or saw it in action near like okay now i understand why we have to have a smart insert thing here jeff will start with you it's so silly that i can't even say it smalt s a l t it is a smart salt dispenser and part of the appeal is that it it has like a light on it and so it's like ambient artwork for your table that also dispenses.

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