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Be that bridge that connects Dirk and by the definition of the Google analytics that you just spoke of HGTV took the side of ten percent. That I think about that. Stupidest shows you how incredibly strong that bully agenda is David I called the mafia says it you let them on your network. We're going to press against your at your advertisers. And we're going to try to get you guys lose all sorts of money and HD did they lost several million dollars because of our show. That's what that's what Christians are running from our bible talks about that. If you're not following the Lord did one. We'll put one thousands of light. You gotta do. But if we God did he tells us, look, we can stay safe is aiming to us, but it's it's empty. It's got no power. This is we need to stand. And now is the time to do that. I've only got about a minute left is the Benham brothers NHA and make sure you're going get David Jason's book, it's called Bolden broken becoming the bridge between heaven and earth last question. I have to ask him because the viewers and the listeners wanna know. How are you today? House business house life. We are doing very well. Our children driving by God's grace. And we're still in business. We've got we're still clipping properties. We're expanding our portfolio of investments with multifamily commercial single family. We're growing brokerage. It's been amazing. So we just want people to know that you need to stand boldly do on a platform of broken. So that our children and our children's children will enjoy the same freedoms and the same privileges that we haven't enjoyed all of our lives. So keep standing strong. I wanna give you the last word Jason. Well, this is our time. Hopper is dead and gone. The apostle Paul his searches time. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John they're not here anymore. But now is our time. Now is your timeless. I think that's great. The name of the book is golden broken becoming the bridge.

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