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After the kidnapping incidents in court cases coffee got a job after he got out of the Navy with a company called vitro Laboratories off as a Navy weapons system defense contractor and it was in the metropolitan DC area. He quit this job in nineteen seventy-five going back to Norfolk Virginia. And once again brought up on two charges of contributing to the delinquency of a fifteen-year-old girl convicted of at least one of the month is she moved back to North Carolina or moved to North Carolina and using his Navy record coffee joined the North Carolina National Guard as a field artillery operation specialist and served three years until nineteen seventy a where he was honorably discharged from the National Guard. He got married about this time as well. Now coffees wife's her best friend at the mother mother of several children including at that time a three-year old little girl coffee would take these children fishing and parks and the swimming and without knowing any of the background in his past. It didn't seem quite unusual. We woke thought of you know, Uncle coffee until the three year old little girl described coffee masturbating in front of her the mother confronted him and he admitted to it and he promised she counselling or the very least he agreed to speak the family's Church Pastor and did meet with pastor at least once and again admitted to the ACT, but he refused to seek any other counselling or professional help. In nineteen seventy nine ten year old Amanda, Marie Ray was abducted and strangled to death in Charlotte. Her body was found near a lake in Huntersville, North Carolina Amanda lived with her mother Anna in the Woodberry Hills apartments in Charlotte Amanda's mother work during the day and left the child at home with a neighbor surely Burnett who looked after Amanda while the mother worked now Amanda had a friend off and the two of them went fishing at Brier Creek on July 17th and 79 and while they were fishing a tall skinny, man with salt-and-pepper haired dog approached them and spoke to them for about 15 to 20 minutes afterward.

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