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Southland Weather From Ko Phi Sunny tomorrow Highs Low eighties Too low nineties This report is brought to you by big o tires from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. I'm going to go back to the crash on the one a one in Tarzana and this one was on the North. Found side coming upon receipt of bullet party has been cleared out of lanes. But I'm just looking out of really slow drive that's left over with delays. Backing up out of Sherman Oaks getting away from Van Nuys Boulevard. Let's head out to Roland Heights with Mike O'Brien KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Where you are rolling slowly on the 60 60 eastbound at fairway That is an accident coming out of the left lane. In fact, they've been stopping all lanes for quite some time. Last couple few minutes here, so nobody's moving right now bumper to bumper stuff a real lonely driving the Hacienda Heights. There's troubles up ahead in diamond bar, affecting mostly to 57 57 north out before grand rite of the merged with the East 60. It's a problem in the fire right lane that's backing up through Pathfinder and looks like problems in the home past. 15 North bound flight horn Finer road. You've got a problem. They're in the right lanes are clearing out of planes. Very, very tough from the 2 15 hook up into divorce injured in the accident. There's a superwoman super lawyer dot com. Mike O'Brien Ko Phi under Sky Something is sponsored by Super Woman super lawyer dot com K F eye in the sky helps get you there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez. I am Attorney Mary apartment in uncertain times. Family is what holds us together when you're injured in an accident. Rely on me to protect your family Help. It's one call away. 808 169 16 Woman Super. Hey, it's Debra Mark. We all have health goals. But let's face it. You're living in some fantasy world If you think you were suddenly about to start eating better, in fact, have you thought of this? How many different servings of fruit Have you eaten.

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