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Right survivor Kagi on here. We Are Josh and we are headed into the survivor Kagi on merge. It was very eventful episode number five of survivor Kagi on. So much so much had been going on I believe. The episode opened up with a Lindsey quit. Correct followed by the Great Alexis. Maxwell being a voted out at missile they give us like the full rundown recap of everything that had gone down and I forgot guess that Alexis Alexis is exit. From the game was so sad she was so upset. I I was taking a little bit of back when I was watching that in the in the recap and the contrast to Purley crying, she's leaving with like the grin of mark. she's just thrilled to have survived the vote. And the other big news which had come out of that episode number five was that after a victory, a celebration, the Solana tribe ended up having a maybe a little too much of a raucous celebration after winning immunity, because this was overheard by Sarah. Yeah.

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