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But it was berthed decades painful efforts to rediscover a lost art. So what's the point of this threat? Anyone who thinks cheese isn't relevant to Brexit needs to think again, just as those French monks introduced Wensleydale back in the twelfth century. We don't know what people in a few centuries will also think of as a no brainer brilliant, British or even you share cheese what my guess Yorkshire, squeaky cheese. It was created by a Syrian refugee who ended up in Yorkshire trust me. It's mazing. Remember, British cheese wholesome, and it is more complex than you think. That was John bull reading Twitter thread. He wrote about Wensleydale cheese. You can find him on Twitter at Gerry is, and you can follow KAI and marketplace's Brexit reporting on Instagram and read all our coverage at marketplace dot org, by the way, you've got some photos of that cheese. Just in case, you're curious. Coming up with those two years. Four or.

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