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News. 93.1 kfbk from ABC News. I'm Richard Can't do What do you do when you suspect a family member of becoming radicalized for 18 year old Jackson, ref it? It was a simple decision. His father guy W ref, it is among the accused US capital insurrectionists. His son says Dad returned home to Texas and admitted to being among that group and threatened to shoot him if he told Jackson. It already told police after watching his father change in recent months over the course of two years, it can twist the whole family to being completely against each other and I feel like I should have to have the voice to tell people that it's okay to come forward if it's speaking to Good Morning America, former President Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate set for February, 8th Trump survived the first trial and may very well prevail in this one. You have some Republicans here on the fence, and then you have Republicans that are rallying behind the president, but bottom line here You have not heard from a single Republican senator who has come forward to say they plan to vote to convict the president. ABC is Rachel Scott, an important step forward is control of the Senate shifts from Republican Democratic Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is allowing a Senate power sharing deal to advance organizing the evenly split Senate with Democrats in control. It comes after McConnell was reassured that the filibuster a stalling tactic for the minority that requires 60 votes to overcome will remain intact. ABC is Alex Parrish, a in Washington at least 20 people injured after a suspected tornado hit Fulton Dale, Alabama Birmingham suburb. Ray Hendricks was staying at a hotel when it hit. I got out of bed to look out the window, and once I looked out the window, the window was shaking and the wind was blowing and.

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