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Towards the couldn't and i'm sure that was a reason why they moved him on on west ham. Got him and and the same pattern has kind of as played out. I think the netherlands on just the the proportion of chances. They have deserved to win the us. They're not winning that game without the errors of george bush in the in the ukrainian gold who the first goal was his fault. He's got a hang onto that ball or clear it properly do something other than split. Straighter genie wine album. Who finished well to be fair. And then i mean he's got a saved header. The third the third. Yeah you've got a good hand to it. All he did was denzel dumfries right who scored the third denzel. Dumfries off off his head. I was when i wound up in the back of the now oh then scored like it was not one of those that i like right away. It was like this is going in. I was kinda surprised that he wasn't able to keep that out. Would have been a great save but one that probably would wanna make. Don't forget at the start of the move that led to that goal. He kicked the ball away like he gave the possession back. So i hit putting it all on the goalkeeper. Didn't have a great night before we move off of this game. I wanted to ask you about jeannie wynalda just because you know in our group in our group preview we did mention you know. We spoke about how he led the netherlands in scoring during the group stages. But we didn't go too deep on that. And then in this first game of the actual tournament itself. He scores again for the netherlands. And it's just interesting now. It seems like it's this. Conversation is starting to build about like. Maybe he is this guy more than what we've seen liverpool where he's never really called into that position he does. The different does a different roles writer. And so i've seen a little bit of did clocked used him the right way the past years. Now it's hard to argue with look at the results so be kind of handling that narrative would be a little bit foolish. But it's thought it was interesting that you always hear about with the dutch specifically the idea of total football and maybe they moved away from that in some ways but maybe there still players like album. Who who are that guy who can play any number of rolls and play them very effectively. I know exactly what you're saying. But he does a different thing for liverpool liverpool's three man midfield for the past three four years andrew. The goals haven't been common for midfield. Their function is much much was much more different to that. It's not saying they don't score. Has henderson scored important goals. He has has Has went out and himself against barcelona. Absolutely he has generally speaking. Their role is just different for liverpool But i i do take your point And people are always going to when you do something international level it all was reflects back on your club form. Which is what we just did there when we were talking about. Papa i'll tell you what. Jj let's take a quick break. When we come back. We'll talk with jani wochit chalkboard of bt sport out of copenhagen about denmark and the latest news pertaining to chris erickson. We've got a mail bag a little bit later on as well. Don't go anywhere we'll be right back..

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