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Com. News talk eleven thirty w why has said Mark Belling late afternoon. You're gonna like the same three subjects. They all relate to the subject of. Food and beverage options in sports stadiums. You wouldn't think I'd have three separate stories on that. Would you? You also wouldn't think I'd be disciplined enough to organize them all under the same segment? The first one. This is a story that got a little bit lost in the shuffle. It's been on my list to kind of bring up all week and. Well, today's Friday, I better bring it up now or never. First of all how long does it seem like they played the Super Bowl four weeks? Right. That shows how long this week span as saying at the beginning of the program. We're trying to put everything into perspective. They just spent a lot that has happened this week. The Super Bowl as most of you know, was played at the Georgia Dome. I want to comment on something. Because. There are a whole lot of people who talk the talk and everything is posing, and creating image and all of this stuff. Trust me. I talk for a living talk is cheap. Walking the walk is how we ought to judge people. Nobody judges things that way you get away. More trouble for what you say that. What you do? We've seen numerous instances of that the walking the walk. Oh, that's the hard thing. Chick-fil-a has a very large concession stand in the Georgia Dome. What does everybody know about Chick-fil-A? What's the number one thing that people know about Chick-fil-A of all the they don't open on Sundays. Everybody knows that. Right. That stand was not open for the Super Bowl. In fact, it's not open for most Atlanta, Falcons games because most NFL not all but most games are played on Sunday preseason games occasionally get a Thursday night or a Monday night game. That open for those. They are up in Chick-fil-A has been asked. Well, why at a sports stadium in an NFL stadium? And the answer is the Georgia Dome is used for lots of beds. I mean basketball championships, it's used for a hundred events a year other than football games, and many of those are big big crowds. And that's why they're in there. I think they could have gotten away with opening for the Super Bowl saying that the only implies that every working are those who really wanted to have the opportunity to make money because it's this unusual situation where you know, are all these people here for a one time. I think they could have done it. And probably would have been able to write it through. But they didn't. That's a lot of business. They turn away because they believe in the bible teaching that the Sabbath should be audited. That whole thing is complicated is how the Sabbath became Sunday. But Christians believed that with the New Testament. That the day that is honored is the day that Christ rose from the dead Sunday, the traditional hearing of the Sabbath, of course, for Jewish people is on Saturday. But that's the tradition that they have they believe in holding the Lord's day, which Christians believed to be Sunday, so sacred that they do not believe that they should be open for business. There's other businesses that have that attitude hobby lobby and a couple of others are among them. I think Chick-fil-A should be given credit for keeping the thing closed during the Super Bowl. And I'm sure there's probably a big Chick-fil-A of the in the face or form. They're probably some people who are curious when they go past that place, if the bucks plan a Sunday afternoon, why is it closed and that everybody tells them don't, you know, that chick fil A's are always closed on Sunday. The second sports dining venue related story, the largest of the many private clubs at the Pfizer form. In fact, Paul had my tickets at Wednesday night. Did you go into the visiting club or not? He doesn't know if he did your is your head was spinning with your you don't even know where you were no not panoramas at the top the visiting club is the clubs that it's the largest of the private clubs that are there. And it's the one that is associated with my seats. Well, yeah, it's. Right behind you. When you walked up the steps, there's an entrance to a to an area not all the way to the top that leads you into the club. But it circles around the entire. It's a big huge area. There's like four or five food concession stands. It's you were in there. So Paul does it even though he was in there. They give you a wristband. Well that if you didn't respond you weren't in there. Anyway. This is why my segments take as long as they do. Anyway. The food and the service in their stunk from the beginning, I shouldn't say the services service is not stuck the quality of the food has been terrible impart because not that many people were taking the buying the food there. It was all dried out, and it was awful people. The whole point of having this club is supposedly you get better food than going up to the main concourses with all the other regular people. And each club is the nicer the club is based on what ritzy your tickets are the people who have the seats down on the front row, they get this big giant spread where everything's free the club that I would be part of the mezzanine club. It's paid and it's all of this. And there's this that the other thing and they have gotten terrible reviews. Pretty good indication that the bucks are pretty responsive. They pulled the plug out all of the restaurants stands at are in there. And as of Wednesday, they farmed out the operation of all of the stands to four local restaurants. I don't have the names of all of them. But the socialists one of them called her own club is another one. So they are responding here. And they've had brought in four Milwaukee restaurants to operate the different very very large stands in this huge giant sprawling club around there and then operatic breeding themselves and finally the third one the box have announced the latest venue to open now in the entertainment district. It's a big giant sports bar called the mecca. There's an interesting element to this story. The other one the other venue that's already opened in. There is a local brew pub called good city brewing that just opened they had been using it for private spaces. And it's now open to the general public the next going to open as a big sports bar called the mecca. Did you read the story about this by? The way did anything jump out at you about this. They're not featuring the floor you missed the good stuff. You see who's an own it, the bucks? I think the original plan when they created this entertainment district as they were going to bring in big national chains at a venue operators to be open. You know, fifty two seven three hundred sixty five days a year. And a lot of people wondered which chain was going to go in there. Would it be this one or that one or the other one, but what we've seen so far is they have brew pub operated by a relatively not unknown. But lower-profile local brew pub company that shows that they go in there. And now the big sports bar. That's going to be in there. It's going to be there is they have the subsidiary the heard thing or whatever it is the bucks are good erotic. Here's what I don't know. Are they asking so much in lease space and rent space that they couldn't get some of the really big, you know, the, Dave and Buster's kinds of things of the world. Which a lot of people were going to go in there that they just said, no, we're gonna pass that it, or is it the opposite that the bucks thinks that this thing is booming. So strong down there. Hey, why lease these places out? We're making a ton of money selling all this junk inside the arena. Let's run the bars and restaurants ourselves this might start to rub. Some the wrong way. If they think that the bucks are hogging everything now, including the venues in the entertainment district to themselves rather than providing opportunities for others to come in. So I don't know what you're the two. It is did they simply have a very hard time leasing this out or are. They seeing the whole Pfizer form thing is such a gold mine. Hey will operate the businesses. Ourselves. The mecca by that. You're opening though is owned by the box. And I don't think that's how this was originally sold. I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm not sure if it is. But it is an interesting change of direction. Well, the tweaking of there's nothing in there yet the entertainment district barely open. While the district was supposed to open over the past year. You know, that's that's just finally still being done. I think they I think the original plan was the would be Dave and Buster's type said what's the the yard the yard house in places like that that operate these big sprawling? Maybe even a mosaic pub kind of concept instead these are places that apparently they're going to own themselves. Six twelve news talk eleven thirty WINS. Celebrate fifteen years of art and community at camp arena stage.

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