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Thing. I'm Joe Barton. The Democrats will try this week to remove President Trump from office. They're going to vote to impeach him, but a Senate trial would be months away. No, it's important to try and heal and unite the nation going forward, and a Senate trial is sure to dominate the early days of abiding presidency. One option Democrats, the House could delay sending over the articles of impeachment to the Senate. With fact, the House majority whip Jim Clyburn, says they could delay a Senate trial until after biting gets through his 1st 100 days. His correspondent Mary Bruce, and why PD and FBI reportedly warned Capitol police about the potential for violence. The outgoing chief says he asked for help. But six times his requests were denied or postpone by security officials on Capitol Hill. Now help is being sent to D. C. The 500, New Jersey National Guard members are already on the ground in D. C this morning trust they will represent the highest values of our state, Please God, they say. State governor Murphy says they'll stay in Washington through president elect Joe Biden's inauguration. 200 members of the NYPD will be in Washington on January. 20th help keep the peace to Washington, D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says she's thankful for the help saying she never wants to see what took place at the Capitol last week happen again. No one Laden w O R News. President Trump has gone quiet now that he has lost his Twitter account, so he's headed back out to the road that in Trump has kept a very light schedule. Since Election Day, Very few public events he's growing increasingly isolated at the White House. His social media accounts are locked, taking away his primary means of communication. But the White House is planning a full schedule of events this week. The last full week of his presidency. Officials say the goal is to highlight President Trump's record. But that may be challenging, given the House Democrats movement toward a second impeachment. Karen Travers, ABC NEWS Washington Vaccine L available for city police officers, firefighters, teachers, transit workers and those over 75 in New Jersey. There's a technical glitch. Keeping people from getting the vaccine insect. Meridian Health says its registration portal was open to anyone who was supposed to weed out those not in categories one A and one B. But then do so. Tech officials have fixed the problem. Well right now, the vaccine is only available to health care workers and first responders in New Jersey. Hospital officials say they're now emailing folks who did not qualify, telling them their appointments are canceled. I'm Scott Pringle w O R D use it is now 903 and time for our traffic. Check with Bernie. Bernie. Good morning. Good morning. The traffic in the Bronx is pretty busy. There is a problem on the Diggins happened after the cross Bronx Multi vehicle crash at least four vehicles involved in this one and traffic is crawling back from West 230 Street in front of 30 minutes. Slow down. On the south on digging heading into the cross, Bronx and West on the cross Bronx by the Bronx River Parkway and into the George Washington Bridge. Very slow. There's construction set up on both checks out at the G W B inbound, though all of your Hudson River crossings just minor delays..

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