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Spread Cove in 19 than originally thought. Maybe sees even filled room. We acknowledge that there is emerging evidence in this field. 239 Scientists from 32 countries put pressure on the W H o to change its current guidance. We have long known that the virus can spread by large droplets that are on ly in the air for minutes. Those droplets Khun come from costs or sneezes. Or even talking, loudly singing or heavy breathing. The scientists now say this virus may be able to stay in the air much longer. In much smaller, tiny aerosolized particles. Those particles could potentially get caught up in the circulation system of a room. That's our problem in Indoor environments, so in buildings and rooms where the ventilation is poor and virus can build up, especially if there's lots of people in the room. Look at the study out of China. A woman went to a restaurant before showing any symptoms. Less than two weeks later, nine other people got the virus, five who were not seated at her table. Some of the people who got sick were more than 15 feet away. In Washington state. Tony Reyes was one of 14 customers testing positive after going to the East Vancouver Bar for employees also sick Eventually, they said, we're gonna have to move you into I C u don't be naive. This virus is no joke. He's sent recovered, but cases tied to restaurants and bars have pushed several cities and states. Roll back openings at indoor businesses. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's cheap infectious disease experts said he thinks governors in states with surging cases should mandate masks to prevent outbreaks. Masking distancing, washing hands. Closing bars. If you do that, I think will be a giant step was interfering with the spread in your community. One studies suggesting that these particles can linger in the air for as long as 16 hours in a lab setting Doctor Falke and Dr Marseille. This reiterates why it's so important to wear a mask especially endures, even when social distancing People are not only taking more road trips during the pandemic, they're renting more vacation homes. But with covert cases on the rise, How can you make sure the home you're renting is safe combos Connie Thompson with the extra steps to keep in mind, property managers say the most popular vacation rentals during the pandemic, our homes or cabins that are more isolated away from large crowds. But before you lock down a reservation factor in the potential for quarantine, you can monitor the corona virus situation at your destination by checking that state's Health Department website. Check the rules to see if you'll be required to quarantine after you arrived. It's also important to check the refund policy on your booking, particularly regarding the terms. If there is a cove it outbreak in the area or new travel restrictions are put in place. And if you or someone in your party develops covert 19 symptoms during your stay, be prepared to follow quarantine guidelines and take the proper precautions. Airbnb another vacation rental companies are putting really strong emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting so that people will feel safe. But experts of consumer reports Say it's probably a good idea. TTO have your supplies with you and do a good wipe down of the high touch areas As soon as you check in a new study finds Americans aren't budgeting is much money lately for what's known as discretionary spending or things that aren't necessities. A veces dairy album, her found out why we aren't spending as much on the fun stuff. These days. We're seeing a substantial pull back and things like spending and movie theaters and sports and concerts, bars, restaurants, great analyst head, Rossman says. That's even as these places are beginning to reopen, he says. Some people may not be comfortable going to the man or whether it's that they're worried about a resurgence of the virus or they don't have the money right now, he says. Maybe they've learned a lesson during the pandemic. They're realizing that maybe they don't need Thio spend as much in some of these Discretionary areas. Daria solving our ABC News Your money at 20 and 50 past the hour on Comeau news, and here's your camo Propel Insurance Money UPDATE Stocks rebounded today, with technology shares leading the way. The NASDAQ composite jumped nearly 1.5% toward its fourth fresh closing high in five sessions with the Dow Jones industrials rose 177 points and the S and P 500 Moved up 24.

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