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Was a great interview and he was a good player with the cardinals had a very good major league career goal Glover made the all star team was just all around good player for the cardinals and his career in the major leagues he is Fernando Vania and it's great to have you thank you but it's always great to be with you and spend some time with you as well. it's been a while because you have been through here is much in you cast are coming through saying that I would love to have definitely get back in here and and be you know I places order they should be part of the organization and and and be on the field more and and enjoy it you know this is a special good times here well for you you probably had your best time in your big league career here in Saint Louis all star game go Glover and what will you all some pretty good teams as well without a doubt I I was treated over here and then the winter of ninety nine from the Milwaukee Brewers and that day when I was traded boy was a good time because I knew with Tony LaRussa on Wall jockey they were putting together a squad so you knew you were coming to win and then I remember from being a visitor plane here at the C. in Saint Louis how great the fans were how supportive of of players they were regardless of of visiting team or you know the home team they always knew what a good play was they would clap for that so you know you enjoyed it and it was just it's almost like a college atmosphere here with the fans are just so supportive so when I got traded it was the best thing that ever happened to me you know you mentioned the fans and I bet I've heard that a million times in our pool she's recently through here and the ovations and everything he got and I was talking to Mike trout about it in trout said that Albert tried to prepare him about how the fans are because he never been to Saint Louis before he tried to prepare me said this is ten times more what I could ever imagine how fans treat players even from the opposing team wins you mention you make a good play they they give you they give your credit when it's due yeah they they I mean this is a special place and there's there's no where you hear it a lot and it's cliche I think it's you hear so much but there's no place like Saint Louis and and the way the fans street you on and off the field I mean whether you're playing here you're at a shopping center somewhere or eaten you somewhere at a restaurant it's amazing how how respectful they are how nice they are to you and I'll support of they are to you so yeah though those times you never forget I still speak to Albert regularly he's an Elvis in Anaheim now in our Los Angeles plan and and we we talk from time to time a boy he he knows all special it is and and I know it and I think players that have done it it's a it's a time you never forget and it's it's it's a time with with everything that comes along from being a cardinal with the history with the. you know us stand the man and bow up Bob gifts of George Kissell me these different guys Ozzie Smith to help me a time just so many names in history here that you come in and you say Hey I just want to take that but tonic keep running with and that's what you try to do as a player and run you did because when you got to Saint Louis that was the first time the cardinals had a regular second baseman beyond one season for a long time that was kind of like the wiggle room position where was groups a lot I can a number of other guys who were here for a Cup of coffee you had a pretty good run here so what was it about you and your relationship with Tony and the other guys all as you mentioned started to come together I think it was just Tony's an amazing manager what he brings to the table his passion. how prepared he is I think as a as a player you feel all that you see all that house support of the use of you I think all that coming together and when I got traded over here I felt it and I knew it going in from playing against only with the ace prior to that so when I got here and he was the manager and we we talked and and man I mean he just he just all about winning and I think that really rubs off on the players and he's all about supporting you you look at what Wall Dougherty did he got brought kept you know making trades admins and Edgar Renteria and myself and. the late great Darryl Kile god bless them you know there there was always winning in hand and and they wanted to make sure they put a good good team on the field and thankfully thank god we were able to put it together with the leadership of Tony who commands a room like nobody else it's interesting you bring of Tony in that regard. as you notice you watched game the game is really change yes and I think Tony and your crew may have been the last team where the it was such a demand to be better every day I think we accept mediocrity in the game more now than we ever have and I see good managers who really have to walk a fine line to make sure they don't lose a player let alone lose a ball club but you guys police yourself Tony was obviously the ring leader but he put you in a room with a bunch of other guys who understood what winning was all about yes yes I think you you kind of watched and everybody knew what you need to do that we had better ends at picked each other up and we had young guys I mean I'll proposals came up Bobbi Benita got hurt in spring training and and there you go however had a chance and and the rest is history as the as we could say but I mean I think if you look at Tony and the coaching staff that we had Dave McKay the minute you like I'm I'm leaving out some coaches now a kendo was there who special guy George Kissell who god bless him I love him to death so many guys that were veterans that have been around the game been around so much and and the special thing about Tony is regardless of of the twenty five different personalities he knew how to get the best out of each guy that's what I think separates a great manager from a good manager Tony knew how to fire myself up he knew how to get under my skin a little bit I get upset with you get under my skin so he knew that many like you yes yes yes so he would get under my skin a little bit now would make me so you know what I'm gonna show Tony that I'm I'm I mean business and he knew what he had you know maybe had a guy on the rear and a little more to get them going in that direction so overall this team the the coaches and and our mindset and the way everybody patrolled ourselves get mad men's was huge and in the outfield patrol and everybody and and are in field was you know golden with the you know Renteria Roland myself we'll go wire Metheny behind the plate is a gold lover so I think we kind of kept each other going and I was was a very special time and not only my career but I think for for the cardinal baseball so I mean you know you mentioned some of those. names maybe some of the smartest baseball players I mean Jim Edmonds is one the most observant players I've ever watched play the game even today as a broadcaster you can he sees things and most people would pay attention to went to real is the same way you guys work so well together up the middle how long did it take for you guys to come together it would because that's a chemistry position you have to have a feel for each other because if you don't some eyes will get hurt out there yeah yeah minute with with that good thank god it was it was a time when I got drafted over here and Edgar was already here we kind of got in sync quick for some reason I think we have that Latin background we both speak Spanish we both are hungry to to playing to win and I think when we we practice we we practiced hard and we did it the right way and we we we practice after practice to make sure we were in sync and that's what it kind of what it takes to be the best player that you can be so you know Edgar and and myself the combo kind of came together George Kissell holes they can door infill guys got a school with a ton of ground balls and and when you do that and you do that at a high level and you trust him and he trusted what I can do an eek I kinda knew his moves from watching him prior with all the great years he had prior to being in Saint Louis is different movements how he went about his business at shortstop in that help me to to continue to get better Fernando being is I guess we're going to take a break we'll come back with more after we take a time out. it.

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