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Street. Good morning. I'm John Tucker. And I'm Karen Moskow. We are just about three hours away from the opening of US trading. Let's get you up to date on the news. You need to know at this hour, US futures. And stocks in Europe are falling. Signs emerged at the global equity rally is stalling. We have a regional Bank deal this morning Beebe and tee at SunTrust are combining it at all stock deal. It's valued at sixty six billion dollars led a share shares of SunTrust up more than five percents in the pre market. While b and t shares are little changed dollar is stronger for a sixty day after Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell gave a brief but positive assessment of the economy. The EU is cutting its twenty one thousand nine euro area. Growth forecast of one point three percent that's down from one point nine percent. The Bank of England makes a policy decision in thirty minutes. Officials are likely to vote unanimously to keep interest rates unchanged at British Prime Minister, Theresa may goes to Brussels today hoping to change the Brexit deal. She reached with the e u last year, we get more from Bloomberg's Christy Burke, sources have told Bloomberg that Theresa May does not expect to make enough progress with Brussels to actually bring a deal back to parliament next week as she promised the telegraph. Is actually reporting that the prime minister plans to delay that parlimentary vote now into the last week of February. Learn allergists fifty days until the UK is due to leave the EU turning to earnings now shares of Publicis are tumbling after the advertising company suffered a surprise drop in fourth-quarter sales. Bloomberg Sam unsteady has more on the shortfall the organic revenue declined seems to be coming mostly from big consumer goods companies cutting the advertising cuss pushing tools these media buyers. That was a huge surprise that not back US advertising Stokes yesterday. Shares Publicis or down more than ten percent. So Saudi general shares swinging between gains and losses. The French Bank reported a twenty nine percent decline in fourth quarter revenue at announced new cost cutting measures. Here's of unique credit or more than four percent fourth-quarter income at the Italian Bank topped estimates. And here in the US Twitter leads more than thirty companies reporting earnings, let's get more from Bloomberg's Jeff Bellinger. Within half the analyst covering the short messaging service have hold ratings in effect. Bloomberg intelligence says momentum from Twitter's third quarter should have carried over to the fourth. Now, that advertisers are spending more money on the platform. The main concern for investors is user growth. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg daybreak. Jeff, thank you s and p futures are down sixteen points. Dow futures down one hundred forty four NASDAQ futures down forty five the ten year treasury up seven thirty seconds yield two point six six percent. And the yield on the two year two point five zero per set. Straight ahead the latest world and national news. And this is Bloomberg. Thanks, Karen, 6:33, Wall Street. Let's get news.

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