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The stars control. Here comes Roman Polak big thirty defensemen comes to center ice shoot sedan goes off Rini into the far side Alice got their head of Sagan to spit. One out and a whistle. As that puck. I get someone on the Dallas bench. So the face come back in the Nashville zone. If you think it never happens think again more than twenty five hundred people have been killed at railroad tracks in the past decade. Stop trains can't. Stars have Tyler Sagan on the ice. And now they take Tyler Seguin off the ice a little bit of different matchups. Here. We talked about this earlier Colby and Jim Montgomery's trying to keep saying away from players that could defend a little better than others and the referee just skated over to Jim Montgomery, and he said, I'll give you this one. I'll let you make the change. But he was not happy about Dallas. They're the home team. They get lashed changed. They'll wait. The ref puts their hand up. They've got a few seconds. But you're right. You'll Hanson a guy they wanna keep saying away from base outside the Nashville lied FOX claims it for the stars, he'll shoot it. In Ellis looked at Yosi, and then goes up the far boards again, kicked down at center ice and Nashville is an apparently onside Forsberg tried to shot Ladele blocked at Ellis following up. Good hit from Dickinson along the boards play shot toward the net by Yosi. And then it's really further wide and a hit by Klingberg on. Arvidsson back in the nets Johannesen goes to the line, Yosi belting yet wide and high and it dies along the right wing side Ellis. Tried to pump it toward the net. Blocked and cleared to the line not out L keeping it in leopard best Yosi in one motion from the top of the near circle is shot in a save by Bishop. I hope Nashville doesn't score on the sequence. Because I think the play was off side. They will go back and look at that.

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