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Okay this is gonna be really hard because we've watched i like we watch a legitimately eleven hours worth wrestling yeah the between the uk tournament which if you have not watched it really good real it's really good go check it out i would recommend facing it out because both episodes are like two to three hours two and a half buff yeah so if you prefer to see all the next t people they are on the second show more or less i think there's a handful on the first show of on this view is based on the first show end yeah they really good mashed but we'll talk about that next week when we're review the shows for reels but yeah so we saw a carryover from that with undisputed era taking on british strong style to get their tag team championships back because spoiler alert trenton tyler picked up the titles so they wanted to give their toes back they wanted but not to be because they started going after british long must mountain somebody made the save british fun main of it i really really like the dynamic of british strong style mustache mountain with undisputed era i i really like it and i mean it in terms of win it is actually the full complement of the bss boys were it's done bait in seven versus undisputed era all that's pretty to watch but yet with ricochet to pretty to watch this was this was really really quality stuff and i want trent seven to start calling himself the silver fox that just needs to happen i'm sorry you die your hair silver you need to call yourself silver fox does do the thing trent please do the thing now that he listens to this show or has any idea that i of buying of merv other than buying merged making stupid photoshop pictures of him don't ask behalf that meant plus words what is actually up on his twitter somewhere anyway going back just i feel like if he's going to do that he needs used call himself silver fox you should totally do that 'cause mean he's like pitas the bruiser wait tyler i think is doesn't have a moniker innocent little snowflakes transport friend tyler and then the silver fox trent seven so the got their win back picking up the win over ricochet mustache mountain it really match of as mentioned kuna rees do name max not really oh in on kona ruth i just don't understand what they did to like i can appreciate the look like he's going all for it and brought him i just don't know what they did to him i'm not sure i like it open with our black i really appreciate ouster blacks fashion choices when he's not wrestling the fact that he wears essentially a suit minus the jacket is really really nice that he classes it up like that where he has respect for himself in his title and he dresses up in the man wears a tie for the love of god i mean just bless thank you alastair for being classy dude so he's a back and forth with champa champa wants to title he wants he wants to take him out champa mock the the the pos and the favorable and everything like that and as we mentioned to a week it's gonna get really personal between the two i can't wait good still just don't bring the cats into it go because then we may have to fight gives larai the view lacey ovens and our hat what was the hat no no no no because it ruined the whole a static like i get what she was going for but it's like that hat was wrong period you're wearing vintage forties get up and that was like an eighties derby hat gone horribly wrong late no just no honey no you're going to get a hack get a good hat goodwill into job get you one don't don't don't do that to yourself because plus it didn't fitter head right like her hair the way that they don't our hair it did not fit on her head right catholic review john ago said liberating his favorite ulcer but can't stop replaying takeover said he's talking about being haunted by the masa winning tossing what his wedding ring he wants another fight one they've each one one but it needs to end in brooklyn streets gross restore it ends when he ends up doing helena sal that's all we ask we'll take a third match do it in the.

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