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That would have been interesting. Yeah, but the rest of your pocket, but still the Red Sox come back and game to yesterday and they win seven, five, the even up the series. You know, Garrett Cole, he takes the loss in this one. Would you think of Boston's bounceback and game to game twos? Usually if you lose game one, it's like you gotta have type game. You know, it's not a must win, but it's one of those k- we gotta get this ship brighted. So yeah, you gotta get back on the horse and just move on from the previous loss. Both both the brewers and the Red Sox. I mean in David price pitched team finally won a game in the postseason. Isn't that nuts? That's took love enough. Right. So would you make of that game? Seven, five? You know, the Boston does go behind, but then they quickly regained the lead in the third inning. Notable that you wanna talk about? No, just I'm looking forward to the next games. Okay. So let's talk about it. The next game will actually be tomorrow Tuesday. We'll be game three. We have evolved a on the mount against Dallas kaikal. What do you see in this game? You know, all things considered. I still had the Red Sox taking the series and say, they take this game in backup in the series. This is going to be this giving a statement series that's for sure. So you think Red Sox won this game. Okay. I think I think I'm going to Houston in this game. I see. I see runs though. I don't think of all the and Kyko will be able to keep these high powered offenses from getting on the board. And I think you mentioned it. You said it before is worseing runs in the series, whereas the dodgers in brewers might be more of a pitching series as more of a hitting series obsolete the best to best hitting teams Lee at the moment, and I was put the gatekeeper there, but I think more consistently positive hitting Astros daughters are toucher skews me, Red Sox are the better hitters. So we're universe yesterday or or were you expecting something to happen when kimbrel faced bregman with a runner on yesterday, and the ninth worried I was just worn treat because bregman is a man of the moment. Like he says, he's a, he's well. He loves clutch and he barely missed it. He. Barely missed it where he flied out to left field like just. Just one inch higher. It's gone. Yeah, maybe not even that much. He just hit it off the end of the bat where he gets gets all we almost did. Yeah, he was right on it, so it'll be interesting. It wasn't even a good pitch. It was just he just missed it by that much, Jeff. It'll be interesting to see if we the next time. If we see these two guys in another key spa, obviously Kimble's closer. So every time he pitches, it's going to be a Kice fought. But if we see bregman against kimbrel again in this series, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes the other way. Oh, yeah, absolutely. This year is can turn on a dime, but we're going to see. I think we're gonna see those two in another tough spot to maybe determine the series. It'll be something to look out for. So you have the Red Sox though winning game three. So you like volley against Kyko. You think the Red Sox have the advantage there or do you think it's more of a team thing?.

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