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And that's the issue critics of physical education class point to it's great if you already fit and good at whatever the clause is about, but not everyone starts out that way, he was Andrew Rohan, a high school senior at Moorestown friends school. I'm not the most athletic student of the bunch. And you've got these star basketball players who are actually on the varsity, high school basketball team. And then, like me and some of my friends who are like struggling to not get knocked over as people are dunking on the basket. And if pe- Kloss just reinforces existing differences, the F let kids get Besse, and everyone else is embarrassed or miserable role, but more the P teacher at constitution high school knows this. So sometimes he that's the students choose what they want as. As long as they fulfil, the goal of the class, sometimes we're doing our cardio day, we do steps, we do the steps up from the basement to the sixth floor up and down for fifteen minutes. Some kids could be walking doing stairs, cardio jumping rope. As long as you're doing something active. You get a for the day, and he's open to taking a back seat. And letting a student lead the class, I have a girl and one of my classes, she's really into yoga. She has all the stretches, and all the poses, and I let her kind of dictate and the rest of the class jumps in and that, you know, participating in trying their best and for Robin. That's the point of gym clothes, China, get them. More active as the idea ain't trying to get kids. Do lead an active lifestyle to find things that they continue to have fun doing into college and beyond P, E, teachers nationwide are trying to pull off this reinvention of gym class. Michelle Konta is a senior program manager at shape America professional group for health and PE teachers, she was a teacher herself. Six years. And she knows it will not be easy to change people's minds. I've made up with friends and we would do you know go out for dinner or happy hour at other young professionals in, we're sharing what do you do? And I would tell them that have a PE teacher. I think the most to common things that I did hear it was like, oh, I couldn't stand, P E, or they would ask my own. Do you still play dodgeball? She says, if you think about any high school, P E teacher in a TV show or movie, that's an example of what not to do. That's old school P that we are really trying really hard to change. There are new federally mandated stand this for P E clause. But Michaud says most states thought this tennis from Hoboken position or you something, that's very similar. Michelle says hoc groups once P teaches to design classes, socialists, can learn at their level, maybe the stop off school play is complete basket bowl, while the kids who need to learn simply how to pass and catch Abe. Apple can do that. She says the whole point is for students to learn skills running jumping throwing catching so they can find a fiscal activity that they like, and we'll do to stay active as adults also Michelle says shoot should not have to stress about getting picked for teams and where they stand in the social hierarchy find someone who is wearing the same color shirt as you or find someone whose birthday is in the same month. Find someone whose name starts with the same letter so into not friends trying to get with friends or people feeling left out, but it's something that's more random and allows for different people to work together. That story was reported by Alan, you. And here's one more bad, gym class memory, this one comes from Helen been. Yes. So I maybe twelve mad awkward with a crush on Stephen Martinez class heartthrob. The gym teacher calls, dodgeball where I struggled to get his attention. But not get tagged. Stephen Martinez, clocks me straight in the face, and my nose starts bleeding kids laugh, and I learned love hurts. That's our show for this week, the pulses of production off WHYY in Philadelphia. Our health and science reporters are Alan Ube list hung jets, Leyland, and Steph van Andrea's copes is our intern. We had production assistance from Julian Harris, Charlie. Kyler is our engineer Lindsey Lazar ski is our producer. I'm Mike and Scott. Thank you for listening. Behavioral health reporting on

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