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Is that connection to the greater. Good like I tell the little kids in this. You know it works works out One of my friends is a great. She was miss. Nancy taught me that. Teach children that the good. You do Ruby Peterson. The good. You do we'll come back to you but the bad you'll be sad for you. But the good you do will come back to earth and shoving teaching the kids for years. I saw a couple of kids I hadn't seen in years and they're both pharmacy. Oh Mr Pruitt you're the good you were listening every no we're gonNA pay attention Ah That's the five year old Lang seeds and not thinking about the harvest because the seeds they grow you know and being being grateful. Yeah that's to me that's the most important. Besides of course. Having that re alignment with your higher God Self Universe whatever you WANNA call it. That's that's getting the kids. I call it you like this doc I call it got calm. Dot Com in thankful and tranquil. So early early in the morning five minutes. She's quietly it's not religion it's instance. Hey it's like now what it is what it is. They're folks who are fearful earful and the little dark room or negatives are developed. Here's what it is in the morning in the afternoon and it's unit helps children because they find peace. Yes and that's and then when you have that in practice that when all the storms come about guess years you you can still stays peaceful. You don't go crazy takes practice. Well the thing I taught kids for years you know when things are crazy call. And when things are calm via crazy creatively crazzy yet. Well that's what it's about that's exactly right. I like to get on the elevators and just just have lots of fun and you start asking questions. Nader's high dried. Know all of you. Why are you here with me? And what brought us to this. Did you know that coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous and you have everybody meets. There's there's a In the happy movies there's ago who wrote the book flow. I I have to share with you. I get it flow all day long. I do I get on a frequency. I'm raffle people laughing enjoying it. And they don't let people Disturbed my day. You know I was loved that line by the kindergartner. Don't let their bad day. Be Your a bad day or year. Bad debuted they'll they play angry tag with people. I love it anglicized. We do that violence. Yeah let me do my Richard Nixon for you ready for Richard Nixon. Oh Aw you know what the last thing Richard Nixon seventy four left office. I did this on its on youtube for me. Introducing the bread and roses show. It goes there there are people out there and they will hate you when they will only win if they get you to hate them back you throw yourself shake take memo in kindergarten comes around goes around. We hope you enjoyed today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast. When you removed or motivated please let us know how other show influenced your life? emailing at Dr Cheryl dot wealth transformation for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can and benefit you. Further please visit Cheryl Shire DOT COM or call four one five two four six six eight eight one as a gift breath. You can get doctor Cheryl's booked wealth transformation integrity integrity integrity for only the cost of posted a seven dollars. Ninety five cents. The next time you'll healthy and happy in your well no matter where you are in your wife..

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