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I guess the word they use his optics how does it look and this is one of those cases where the optics make it so much worse it's bad it's it's just unnecessary it is utterly unnecessary and then the optics just make it look like we've lost our soul in this country almost wanna just reach out to the rest of the planet and say just so y'all know we're not all on board now you may be trust me i know you may be but i'm telling you there are many prominent republican senators and congress people seventy former us attorneys general all four of the former first lady's kind of the current first lady the methodist church clergy and the list goes on who are all saying this isn't us it's time for start asking who's not on board here that's kind of what i'm wondering can i just play a cut from you this is elijah cummings he's a democrat from maryland house member and there was a house hearing today on an expecter general's report or something else but he took that moment and i think he kind of put it all passionately but succinctly as well be able to agree that we will not key kids in chow internment camps indefinitely and hidden away from public view what country is that it's elijah cummings today on capitol hill here's a cnn poll fifty eight percent of republicans back the separating families and i know a lot of republicans listen to wgn so maybe as many as six out of ten of you in that group going agree with the attorneys general the former first lady's the current first lady the methodist clergy or me on this you remember compassionate conservativism you remember george bush's compassionate conservatism that was were going to be tough and that will be a compassionate overture to you how am i going to teach you how am i going to help you how my really gonna do you a favor it's not by giving handouts it's by making you self reliant it's about making you adhere to the law and that's going to be very conservative view of justice but it will be compassionate compassionate conservativism i don't know that this falls into that camp this strikes me is i dunno leverage this is just the president saying i've got something here and as painful as it is for you all it's gonna stick until i get what i want be interesting to see how that set of meetings go today but i'll bet you a nickel that he doesn't change his view on this and so in the back of his mind must be thinking okay i'm in this is a jam all of the things this president is said and done is he ever backed himself into a corner as much as he is on this one so how does donald trump get out of it because you know who else is leveraging this it's the democrats they didn't create this problem this is not their problem to fix in that they don't have the power that the president does to simply change the enforcement policy of this right but it'll be interesting to see what they do to i don't think they're going to budge either and so those kids in those what is it former big box stores in detention facilities continue to go without your parents you know the courts are overloaded down there and so the idea that now we're going to prosecute these people i don't know exactly how they're going to get through the backload let alone the folks that are coming in jeff sessions promises us that it'll be just a few days or few weeks or few months or few years and they'll all be back together but i just wonder how quickly that's gonna go fifty eight percent of republicans support this though and i need to hear that and i guess you do too.

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