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They didn't want us to lead anyway. The difference between having sex during that pandemic and this pandemic. If I may be crude than I often, am the difference. was that if I got fucked in the ASS by some guy thousand, nine, hundred eighty. Eighty eight, if I took that risk while at the same time doing what I could to minimize the danger by using condoms, having sex with guys I trusted trusted to be safe, not trusted to be negative. I had plenty of sex with positive is if I took that risk, I was only put myself at risk I didn't put the people I came into casual contact with after I got fucked in the ASS at risk. Because I didn't have anal sex with everybody on the subway after I left or at the pizza place where I stopped for a slice or with my parents when I got home. The human immunodeficiency virus was different, much harder to catch the novel Corona Virus and much to transmit. You can't transmit HIV to someone by exhaling on them or by touching something. Someone else might touch a half an hour later. But that said I agree with do it's and I agree with the Dutch health authorities. We can't ask people to go without physical contact to go without sex forever, and if we don't give people the information, they need to have sex as safely as they can. People will have sex recklessly when they can. The Dutch are showing us the way again Dutch. Health authorities are encouraging single Dutch people single Dutch people who WanNa have sex, which not all single people do sexuality the new superpower Dutch. Health authorities are encouraging single people to find sex buddies singular, actually non-plural aspects, buddy and the Dutch. Being told to carefully screen their potential sex buddies to figure out how. How many people your potential sex buddies in regular contact with disclose how many people your in regular contact with and the greater the number, the greater the risk, so maybe cut back those numbers and find yourself a sex buddy, but it's not as simple as doing now. What game ended then? We had a lot of sacks during the AIDS epidemic, and even as we controlled for the much easier to manage risks of having sex. During that pandemic, a lot of people got infected on a lot of people died. The risks of having sex during this pandemic can't be eliminated any more than the risks of having sex during the AIDS pandemic could but the risks. Could be managed and mitigated then and can be managed and mitigated now. And the Dutch are once again way out in front, not just by talking to people about how to have sex during this pandemic, but by acknowledging the legitimacy of wanting to have sex and seeking sex even at a time like this. All right coming up on today's show. We have tons of your cues tons of my eyes, and on the Magnum edition of the show. Diana Adams joins us. She is a lawyer who worked with LGBTQ and poly-amorous families. She's here to talk about the challenges. polly. Folks are navigating during this dangerous time. I also want to let you know that Nancy and I are going to be doing our first ever savage love livestream. We may not be able to come to your city and do the show live, but you can come to us on your computer, sending your questions to livestream at savage love cast dot..

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