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And let me add this too the politics now will you want them to be whenever your perspective on the anthem but the politics for bob narrow this when he said the can't let the inmates run the prison he did offend his team and they were offended enough that all but a handful of them or more than that knelt two games ago that was a protest of bob mcnair now none of them as far as we could tell looking none of the texans players protested this week why because they were protests in their owner if you've ever had a blow but their boss and i have in previous jobs you know that there's the blow up then there's the initial reaction and then you pretend like everything's okay but it festers it does in whoever is in the wrong has to have a legitimate act of goodwill or try to fix those things when you have when you go past trust when you go to disrespect apology don't feel believable that up so the football side the opportunity to bring in colin kaepernick for bob mcnair it'd be really good for reaching his football team probably not so good for bobbing near social life and the people that he socialised with and the billionaires the country club and the politics of houston and sort of that world view i get it but the politics of bombing nears world in terms of manages football team it makes sense evermore football sense it absolutely makes sense it does does it does with the.

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