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David, Proactiv, Iraq discussed on Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran


Products in my house right now as i am recording this uh which is which is fun and i mentioned in iraq bits there is their standing mats than i'm on right now sell yeah i'd their their friends miners i have the products at my house you mentioned in the book one of my one of the people that i really respected as i was growing up in this business which was a david fairly you mentioned henan the book as of someone who has bought and sold a whole lot of businesses which is how i cut my teeth in kind of the one person business gain and i was hoping that you could comment after speaking with david and some of the other entrepreneurs that have exited of business what the the cell ability of some of these small profitable businesses and what you see it as either the viability of selling one of these businesses or what some of the traits of these entrepreneurs have sold businesses have had in common i can really good question i because when person businesses are notoriously difficult to sell out but the vast majority of them will never be sold and that can be changed by the entrepreneur's if they are proactiv who won entrepreneur in the book the mv gela who is a martial artist and entrepreneur we sold his business for more than a million dollars is the million dollar person business by petitioning for sale so before he put it up for sale and just to explain what it is it's called science its skill and it was in martial arts community where it had um video lessons on martial arts and equipment and selfdefence types of things he hired two employees to run it so that they could run it without him and demonstrate to a future owner that someone else other than him could run it 'cause he he had some.

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David, Proactiv, Iraq discussed on Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran

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