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Is free talk by ticket troll of the Airways, eight five five four five zero three seven three three eight five five four fifty free. As in freedom with you tonight. It's aria Melanie Edmark, and let's put the discussion of Memorial Day, and the tragedy that is suicide on Holtz and go to the phone. We've got Sarah calling from New Mexico. Sarah, you're on free talk live. Oh, yeah. I just wanna say that goes another neighborhood along central boulevard here. Two. Get that who wants to widen the sidewalk and Turkey. So, so everybody knows this is Albuquerque. Sarah, Sarah calls in about Albuquerque almost every day. It's very likely that she's gonna talk about pedestrian fatalities in Albuquerque, maybe, you know cars coming up on sidewalks or something like that. Go ahead. Sarah. Yeah. It's historic sixty six but I love what you think. Well, it's, you know, it's going one way, and two cars going the other way. And. Oh, and then the, the sidewalk here are four feet. I'm telling you, and, and it's no bicycle lane shine. Other shops that are like right next to those four feet. So it's like shop wall four feet of sidewalk. Then two lane card right next to the. That's what I was talking about. We hold on. Hold on Sarah answer, my question. I'm trying to determine whether there's anything on the other side of the sidewalk. So as like a shop LOL than four feet of sidewalk. And then the road these two lanes and then the other two lanes and then four feet of sidewalk, and then another shop wall is or is there any broom for expansion? You know, it all depends if those business, sometimes it's like a wall of right up against a it depends on have an apartment or business. And, and the, the walls are right, fair. But most of the time that if I could be laughable their space on the inside of the sidewalk, but on the outside. It's just 'cause you might have like two three two or three feet size. Continue that the sidewalks or too close to the road, are you? Okay. With them being expended. What is your position on this? The whole point is that they're gonna narrow. They're gonna widen the sidewalk and put in a bicycle lane and four they're going to use. It's gonna go from four car lanes to Parlane is that they have to go slower. This is this is what the neighborhood is pushing, but. It sounds like it would cause fewer pedestrian fatalities. Yeah, it seems like. Whatever. That, that scooter disaster scooters have make a ride on the bicycle lane. All of us that, well, that's what it was fade that pedestrian bicycle and east, the that's third will be all writing on that four feet sidewalks. Syria, you should have been a civil engineer planned all this stuff from the beginning. And, you know here you are. I mean, the talents ten years ago, I should have been born like nineteen hundred would they designed abode? I have no idea who designed both like this. Always being designed and redesigned, it's not terribly uncommon for a city or local government to decide that they want to redo a rose. So they pull up the four-lane highway and put a two down in his place. But you're saying they're widening, the sidewall, which is currently four feet to accommodate more pedestrian traffic. More scooter traffic more bicycle traffic. Right. So what is the end result of this going to be an eight foot wide sidewalk or larger? I have nothing between six to seven feet, so bad, if the, and then it's gonna have a bicycle lane, maybe three feet. So the, the scooters can bite on the bicycle lane. Maybe if they think of it, and they were getting more of these. Okay. So they're just opening up the sidewalk as well to bicycles and scooters. Right. I mean, the bicycles they have to buy the schools in the bicycle have to ride on the sidewalk. Nothing nowhere else to go walking to call right next to. Kriens into a few pedestrians in the pedestrians will never learn. So I mean that's what we gotta do. Sarah Payne is a pretty good teacher. Sarah, thank you so much for the call. You wanna be progressive scooters progress. I'm a bit confused by what's happening here. We have people skateboarding and riding bikes alongside walks here in Keene. And I'm not aware of too many people being run over by other people on bicycles, or scooters. Actually, I don't think ever seen riding scooters on. I can't really have an opinion on a sidewalk in a row that I've never seen. Don't know where it is don't know what the population's, like, don't know what the densities like how could I possibly, just like design the optimal set up in my head like without even doesn't care what you design in your health. I don't know how anybody listening can have an opinion on it. Either thing that matters is does it lower pedestrian fatalities. Well, it doesn't that doesn't matter either. The cars are driving up onto the sidewalk. You know that's only a fifty dollars fine here. Let's that hitting the pedestrian trapping on the sidewalk because only fifty. I was looking for something else like tinted windows is a higher fine. Then, like driving on the sidewalk straight up driving inside fifty bucks tend to think you're more likely to get arrested. If driving on the sidewalk because there's going to be really hard to justify. But hey, there's always a careless or reckless driving ticket to. Yeah. That's true. And that was that on for kicks. Look, we have told Sarah over and over again read the studies to our about red light cameras, and how red light cameras actually increase accidents at intersections and she doesn't care what Sarah cares about is whatever she imagines is dangerous on the road. everything outside of the houses dangerous. And she's very concerned now with the idea that people are gonna be riding scooters around Albuquerque, so she doesn't drive correct. No. She didn't have a job. So she just around culling talk radio shows all day. She's never had a job she listens. She's basically banned from the vast majority of talk shows in her town, because she calls every day that she finds out that she can call into free talk live. And she's, you know, she's not our worst caller. Certainly not. Okay. Yeah. But that's compared to people who like make death threats against children and call in stone. So. I mean that can be entertaining though. Yeah. But it is weird. I knew initially as galactosyl Sarah, because she was always trying to market, whatever it was some sugar or something, I don't know. And then it just became pedestrian Sarah, which is applicable in more way than one pedestrian. Yeah. So anyway, it is Memorial Day. And we've been talking about veterans suicides. Number. I saw earlier today was six thousand vet suicides every year since two thousand eight which is about the time. They started returning home from operation Iraqi freedom. I don't know what the numbers were before that, either. I haven't done exhaustive research into veteran suicide. But I do know that, you know. PTSD cases go up when there are wars, you don't have too much don't have nearly as much PTSD when people aren't out there, seeing their friends, are, you know, innocent quitter, clearly innocent people being blown in the little glob bits which is what the military does. I mean it's like the definition of what they do. That's a sole purpose is to kill people and blow things up cost a lot of money. There's all those things and in, I feel like there's a group of people on Morial day that get forgotten about Rx swept under the rug. Everybody in the US wants to be thank you for your service while you can't think the ones have committed suicide for their service. Those are the ones that we should be thinking among others that we should be thinking about a Memorial Day. It seems to me Memorial Day is a day, when you're there to remember not that most people do this most people out there, could hot dogs, we had hotdogs today at my house, and this and this. Case where remembering people who were so broken by what the military did to them and expose them to that? They saw no escape except death. That's what I mean. Imagine being in whatever the position is. And the.

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