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Think might is solid. it's churton. Stupid lounges a little too long. Yeah cheap funds that are literally like a minute and twelve seconds long but yeah nine in old but then but then on the flip side of all of the things. I just said i'll only got forgotten about talking shit about a pretty sunset. You talking about a build. I mean that that altro is is like an alzheimer for me. You think of any tv or movie from nineteen ninety six that just feds in. That's nine thousand hundred s but then on the flip side of all of the positives. I just said about this album. There's had south rough. Ohio is one of the worst. How and excuse me mechanical. How about argan. No hard on like i. Just that is why. I do understand having out on this low because it is. There are songs that there is no other word to describe them. Besides grading there are grading songs on his album. And that what you want as listener for the most part you have to earn a very specific moon for that and it's not the mood that the majority of this album puts you in so that it's it's tough in that way but i think that the overall the heights that are reached on this as a long drive put it higher for me higher than building nothing or higher still on a little higher still personal. I would definitely say Nominated building nothing. So that's that's what i put next. But yeah there's there's one other album put below. This is a laundry. Oh okay say that in the that sense. How are we were ready for that. I mean 'cause i wouldn't put it for number six rolling. It was gonna get really. It's all getting uglier though like completely especially because there's a little bit of a gradient here which is really at the time where these albums came out so late tearing when you said there was a very formative album and baba wa is not the same one that it was for you. I'm excited to hear now. Warn than ever well i mean we all sorts of think that building nothing false in the lower still lovely getting to a point where the albums that we have left are all love. David strong view. So this is i mean. Yeah i mean let's building that thing. Nothing next okay. If you wanna do the i personally. I would probably be more of a drive person next but for the sake taras. I'm personally fine with me. I i i don't i don't think my other choices going to be lower for you guys do. This is a long drive below building out of although that's not gonna turn was found as she wants because we built low building sexless. Put the baby to bed. Let's go ahead and do that for the sake of the decide. Yeah so let's i. Nine eight hundred seventy seven three tells number six billion something melting talk about this a long drive but terron has another one. Who would maybe put down there. So what i would put next. I'm like nervous is good news for people who love bad news. Plus you fuck you so hard. I absolutely fucked. Nobody's talk about your I think the record. They were sorted very close to each other. They had their contractors and then seen as that came out they have separate not broken up for the rest of their no longer. So i think the will that large is inferior version of float on. And it's too long of an intro. Usually when the world at large comes on just to skip to the next track because it's important structure and it's more complex. And i think it's stronger. It's almost the same listening experience to me Ocean breeze salty alzheimer. Absolutely for sure. And i think oh good times killing me of course is is a fantastic closer for this record. How visibly thousand now. Who's gonna be more on now. I think besides that the the songs on this record.

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