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I don't even trust cursive anymore not at all like once just because you can't read it to winton. Also i'm like parchment. The declaration of independence was pinned on on going to steal that. I'm gonna steal this letter. Two summers. I'll secret map on the back to the honey. Bee marks the spot any kind of futz around like he goes yeah. He asked his friend like hey could you. I guess it goes all the way to the police force just to be like yo dude. I'm going to be gone for a couple couple days. Literally no one's gonna miss me. Guy goes the guy goes. Hey man. Are you back like no guys like all right. Well police business to conduct doc. Please leave. She's going to legal investigation to states up. It's totally out of jurisdiction. This is insane what he's trying to do. I'm gonna expense it. That's okay right right meals an hotel so you get a ferry and he's gonna go there. He's in washington now. He tries to leave his buddy media message dan. He's like you're probably gonna laugh about this owner of service do that. Two days two thousand six man that cell phone cuts out release yeah. Just there was a cloud that went over. They lost the signal this. This ferry ride starts my favorite part of this movie that comes up a couple of times the totally unnecessary hallucinations having he keeps seeing this girl get ram truck. It's and it gets funnier every fucking retired. He has nightmares in d._v._d. Menu does pale white from the movie that you've already the and he's not even hearing during like what's going on. It just says special features cast bio in the corner and it's one over and over and over and all about the first x. men demand humana takes a while to get anywhere. It's a bunch of doors open. I man thank you. I hated that you guys remember. We're talking about. It's like you just. I just wanna fuck in watch x. Men and you got to solve puzzles or the season a season to buffy d._v._d. Yeah really you go through a fucking graveyard. A hayride watch a gut their episode where they had like. I had the box set of all the nightmare on elm street three movies and i was like oh you wanna watch part three navigate your way through a haunted house. Fuck you play it. I'm already kind of drunk. This is not helping a big the simpsons ones you selected it and then they danced for like twenty minutes that was longer than the episode so yeah. He sees this girl old man rance about d._v._d. That dead art art yeah uh he wants to get to the to get to the island. He has to bribe like a harbor pilot there yeah and he's he this is his main business bringing things over there and he's i can't take you over there about one hundred bucks. Y'all throw roll.

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