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Of situation. Jin's so Vladimir Putin says they have a Corona virus vaccine. Do you believe in any way the stories coming up right now? Let's get traffic and weather together on the eights. Here's Joyce Nielsen. He'll deal with an issue in downtown Dallas was found 30 before Herb acted still working that clear from that right lane That's going out to some of the usual slower traffic going back to it each grand at this point. Rent. Also giving us an update on this problem. Westbound Think 35 4 Hillcrest, it was enacted that working to clear from the two left lanes. That's got you backing up from an onto those 75 north one South bound Ram. John will take a look at the drive along 35 W. North forward North bound and third and South found 35 W just a bit thicker now between the North Loop and 2 87 Decatur, But I don't see anything blocked their east Fort Worth North Bound east, Lupe, 20 from 30 all the way up to 1 83 just five minutes. Like police, J Speed Grapevine westbound 1 14 and Texan trail We have the two right lanes blocked off again. You can get around that no big back. Unfortunately, heading out of Denton County, south, found 35 looks good from 2 88 head in debt and heading down through Corinth, Lewisville, Carrollton and Farmers. French North found 35. A sing a little bit of a slowdown from 6 35 heading north up towards belt line in the Carrollton area. I'm Joy Nielsen, your next reported 6 48 and break draft alerts when they happen. Hot, breezy weather. Today I'm NBC find meteorologist Grand Johnston. And with that wind, stirring things.

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