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Back to the phones were going to go to new port Richey Florida Rick thank you for calling Sir great to have you with us you're up next. a rush I I believe that everything was created by god I do not believe that or I believe that climate change takes place regardless of what we do I do not believe that we have the capacity to rendered the earth uninhabitable however. I think you discredit yourself. among many of your listeners. I'm one of whom I I am and I have been for many years by you know making a statement about the turtle not being able to adapt to the strong in his nose if you take that logic to the extreme why do we even waste our time treating our sewage why don't we just dump all of our sewage in the water on treated why don't we don't all of our garbage all of our waste the troll him matter call all the one we just dump all of it into the water because we don't have the capacity to damage anything no that that's. that's a flawed way of thinking in my opinion well the day I do not advocate that. no but when you say you know that the that the turtle was able to adapt the straw on his nose the you know if you again if you want to take that to the extreme at all okay so I look I made a joke and I I made the mistake I made was telling a joke about an animal animals are the essence of innocence they are all victimized by us except the predator Tigers and cast it kills and the snakes. that I I I will retract the statement that the terminal should have been able to adapt to a strong it's not was it was a it was eighty attempt. humor but you said something interesting. you said the environment and the environment. and climate change to me are two different things the invite what course we clean up our messes. we don't light pollution nobody likes a mess anymore well some people don't care about it. but as a country we do a better job of cleaning up the quote unquote messes we make the pollution of the air in the pollution of the waters than any place else on earth and what enables us to do what is wealth. the wealth that is produced by capitalism combined with our appreciation for our surroundings and our lifestyle. and it it what but but just to clean up pollution and clean up the mess is not altering the environment I understand your point you think I'm being a little hypocritical because I'll I'll support certain things that will affect the environment while saying there's nothing we can do it's two different things. pollution and filth and dirt we try to clean up but they are. not a factor when it when it comes to auto quote climate that that that's one of the fallacies of this whole argument these people trying to make the claim that the exhaust permanece you're very. or a smokestack can destroy the habitability of our planet this is absurd but it still doesn't mean we shouldn't try to limit the filth and the dirt and the damage. quality of life for reasons. now you talk about dumping things into the ocean and so forth. I'm. your grape oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico BP oil I will never forget this out there. John lying near the coil spill the environmentalists and the news media were everybody was ring in there he only got told Mexico all my god this is horrible this is the biggest oil all my god. and then they couldn't find the oil. you remember this. the oil slick was there for a couple days now what it was going. they head I'll never forget this a slave what was school was brought down to the beach in Louisiana field trip to see the heart rate of what can happen when big oil doesn't care. and the students can tell me when there was there was nothing there was no oil on the beach or Clancy goals flapping around nothing so people start where did it go so helicopters started flying around trying to find the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico they couldn't find. it was left to me to explain it. the ocean any of it. the ocean. is a vicious vicious place ask Ernest Hemingway he'll tell you. it is. seriously do you know that on the ocean floor otherwise known as the sea bed otherwise known as the bottom. there are cracks and fissures down there and you know what seeps through those cracks and fissures oil there's oil all over this planet most of it we still can't get to profitably yet an oil for years has been seeping into the great oceans of the earth and it simply gets absorbed. there are some really gaster delay microbes. in the ocean. it's not just the brackets salt water there some dastardly stuff out there you wanna know how expensive it is to desalinated water why is it only the Saudis. and a few places in United States even attempt you know every nuclear submarine desalinated water every nuclear powered submarine they don't have to carry cases in cases of Poland spring or whatever every on there wouldn't be enough space on a submarine to carry enough water. for everybody on the submarine to drink enough to stay alive for as long as a sub marines on mission ever thought I had a submarine gets fresh water the nuclear reactor desalinated you know how expensive it is you know on time person I asked to see it I got a tour of the USS Indianapolis in Hawaii once. and I was fascinated with the salingers Asia so can I see the price no Sir Carrie not even for you all the nuclear reactor on board is off limits and secure we can't let you see it I send them. I'm when you start desalinating ocean water. it is an in Saudi Arabia they have to because. well there isn't any fresh water much to speak of and there's not much rain I mean it's it's sanded to desert battle royal. and yet even the Saudis have drink fresh water so it's. this is what I mean by adapting. but. confusing the environment with the climate is something that that they do and just because we make efforts and succeeded largely more than any other country in cleaning up our messes in cleaning up the pollution and so forth the trash. you know the environment is what it is. it also adapt every thing adapts that's what's amazing about this. creation. but. I realize I stepped on it I love animals I like animals as much as anybody what battles right I'm sorry for saying that. sea turtle. should have been able to adapt. with the straw that come out of here still away in his nose that was very insensitive and I apologize but I'll be.

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