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I guess to give a little answered a question i think if you want to win the olympics your body is the most important thing you you have to have the the physical capacity but if you want to push our own limits what you find is that you're really badly against your mental limits so in terms of reaching the maximum that you can do mastering the mental side i think is more important well the mental and physical obviously work together the former us olympic assistant wrestling coach a j robinson explained the difference between mental and physical endurance and how the to work together while competing you ever madl part in that requires patience and persistence the ability to do something over and over again so you're so you have a a mental part of endurance but you also of physical part on the physical side you have have the row aerobic part which at some point in time aerobic late or strength wise one of you are going to get tired which then goes into the endurance part the physical part of it so the to play together all right so give us the secret at the end of the book how can we train our brains to extend the limits of our physical endurance and may be tell us a little bit about that brain zapping with electric currents that you referred to earlier yes so the okay i i go through a lot of different possible approaches one of which is uh trans cranial direct current brain stimulation so you basically pick a ninevolt battery and run some cournot through your brain a you pick the you you please the electrodes in such a way that you're you're hitting precisely the rate part of the brain to alter your perception of effort so that when your peddling a bike say at a given pace it feels just a little bit easier and you can you can continue a little bit longer before you before you decide its it's too hard and this is something that is uh it's it's it's been in the last few years has been good experimental evidence or increasingly good experimental evidence and there's commercial products and is actually some some a members of the us olympic team uh the flechard.

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