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I think that'd be a good show, right? Where you have a bunch of people in a car and you have them a rap song come on. And then they get points, but they don't know they're being filmed. If they wrap along the N word to the song, like that would be like that's pretty funny. That's pretty awesome. We'll put it out there, we'll put it up there. Special segment on comedy gone wrong. What would be awesome is if they did that, but they told three to four people in the car not to say it and they'll look at the person that said it and act absolutely, you know, like devastated. I was thinking earlier. Yeah. I had like a four part joke. It's too late now, but I'll say it anyway. You were saying, what's that guy's never going to be the next John Jones? Oh, yeah. Calling him the next job. Phil hawes. And you were saying Tim Elliott was asking a guy like, why do you like to beat up women? No, those are two different things. What are you being up against? Yeah, but I don't think it was still hard. No, but if it had been a way in Austin because it was 'cause I want to be the next John Jones. That.

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