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Two other times throughout the week and so holy newbies house on friday right yeah for sure We're gonna get to mailbag here in a second but before we get to that It feels like the man of the summer in the nba. Is ben simmons for various reasons. Not the least of which are news items that come out about possible trades and then him being It all being a source of discontent and now he talks about not showing up for training camp at so. Espn got outlined the situation. Hal everybody got to where they are. What do you make of it this week and i know we got mailbag questions about this too. But what do you make of it this week. And the whole are we going to be on. Training camp watched to see if his car pulls up so espn's to montana. Said bobby marks reported that In august a josh. Aris daryl mauri others from the sixers went to la to meet with. Ben simmons and rich paul in clutch out to tell him we can't find a deal We want to move forward with you and we will. We want to try to try to you. Know work this out during the season. And that's when it was made clear that he asked to be traded And then there's some other information in there from wabe mark about how it would work. If ben simmons does indeed hold out and he's getting fined by the sixers and got into all that. So i mean it did. Add some new information I know john. Kaczynski also said earlier this week or maybe i think it was earlier. This week He believes the timberwolves are in a better position today. For ben simmons and they were you know sometime ago but many ways. This really changes the conversation for us with the way. We've talked about southbound. I things remain unchanged in that sense. The sixers rolled take this as far as they can until it reaches a breaking point did interesting because the nba does have a little bit of a problem with the fact that this is happening with stars. More often Recently we had jimmy butler screaming at his. Gm bukit effing win without me. And whatever and then you know they. They lose at the beginning of the season that that comes to ahead. Jimmy butler ends up in miami. And then you have james harden who does it show up to camp and then shows up out of shape and not giving maximum effort. And it's like okay. We've got a. We've got to move on from this. We've to move this guy somewhere else and now you have a situation where it's like all right we'll find you or the. Nba may step in if he doesn't show up to training camp. 'cause they certainly don't want this to be a precedent.

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