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Rescue effort for devastated did island nation also today. You've heard the phrase. I didn't leave my party. My party left made for a large group of conservatives in the u._k. Their party has actually picked them out and are you in the market for a new job. If you're a man on the shorter side speaks some french and willing to relocate to a remote island. There's a gig for you so i'm looking for somebody who is obviously interested in napoleon somebody c._w._c. I'm marco werman. The stories are more today here on the world. I'm marco werman. This is the world the aerial footage we're now seeing from. The bahamas is astonishing desperate. Residents stranded on rooftops ops homes hospitals other public buildings and an airport underwater entire neighborhoods that look like they've been put through a wood chipper. Hurricane dorian is is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the atlantic. The prime minister of the bahamas hubert menace said some parts of his country have been decimated. Communications are also down on throughout much of the bahamas. We spoke with eddie juan two days ago on monday. He told us that he hadn't heard from his family. Including his twelve year old daughter in abaco one of the islands islands hardest hit by hurricane doreen. We managed to get through to eddie again today through his watts app account. He's the chairman of the bahamas air and sea rescue association in grand bahama homma. I asked him if he's been touched with his loved ones. I've heard just through the grapevine that they are okay but as far as physically talking to anybody eddie. No i have not well. We'll keep our hopes for them up. We also know that grand bahama just in terms of infrastructure and damage was one of the hardest artist hit islands in the bahamas. What are you seeing today. Hi eddie you there. Hello hi eddie. It's marco and i think we just <hes> got cut off. The what's app is hit messed. That's okay. We'll keep going until we get as many questions as we can ask in terms of just sheer damage to the island's. You're in grand bahama. It was hit pretty hard. What have you been seeing today not total destruction but probably eighty percent of the flood was our biggest concern which is our biggest problem is well just flood flood flood flood. We had people in home. Some people who drowned hide in their addicts and we're talking about two story buildings in some cases that the water just kept rising and rising isan people were a ten foot ceilings and their homes are in the addicts in the water just came up in certain areas. I mean beyond. I can't talk about it without getting choked up for the most part but <hes> the baz recited me. You know you have to work. You have to do what you have to do but the human part of me is devastated. My sister and abbott lost her home and nephew lost their home in this family my daughter again. I haven't spoken with her alright. Every time i think about her as you just mentioned her name r talk about her. It's choke me up until i can hear her voice or at least talk to her on whatsapp or some sort of communication of of any sort whatsoever. I'll be happy with but right now. Running around him actually caught me right now walking into what we call command emergency center because obviously being batra. I'm going to meet with the minister of grand bahama mr crazy thomson <hes> dawn cornish ireland administrator and several other people right now in the government to try and formulate what we're going to do how we're going to do it. How are we going to get some food supplies over here. How are we gonna feed a lot of people who've lost their homes have lost primarily everything. They had other than what they were wearing. It's a bad case grand bahama and i can only just imagine abacus. They're they're fifty times worse than us. Well let's start with the very basics and and that's just rescuing people who have survived the storm. I mean i know on monday. You were trying to get people out but did the storm mean that you had to suspend rescue operations nations we did when it became possible and probable to do it without risk and other human life the rescuers to rescue people dan yes. We had to hold off and stand down for a couple of hours here in a couple of hours there but virtually we're out there at times. We should not have been out there. The winds.

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