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All right, six clock hour here on 7. 60 73 are all right in this hour. Maybe I know musically dunk contest. Steve's You're killing me and much more right now we're gonna Jumped to the This is kind of tied in with the auto no fault, and the change in the laws and home care agencies are are struggling. Because of a cap of 55% cap on care to injured drivers and there are efforts to try to get that cab lifted. Margaret Krusee is the executive vice president for Hope. Network. Neuro Rehabilitation. Hello, Margaret. Hello. Thanks for having me on. Yeah, tell, tell our audience quickly, You know, sort of what the situation is, if they've never heard about this Sure. So there was AH lot of changes made to our auto no fault law about two years ago, and you know, a lot of those changes were good. But there are some pieces that come into play this coming July July 1st to be exact, and they're going to really impact the people that need home care, residential care and assistant living. Type services. The beast schedules There's actually two and one of them is just fine. It's 200% Medicare fee schedule. And so there's no complaints really about that. But the other one isn't Is that, really? Even if he schedule it's a feat discount. So what's gonna happen is those providers that don't fit under Medicare, which is like home care and residential care, and the supported living services that people that are catastrophically injured might need will be paid 45% of whatever they happen to be charging back in 2019. And those that sort of discount on providers that were already charging ethical rates where they just had a small margin is gonna put him out of business. And so those individuals are gonna lose their care providers. Why did they do that? You know, I Yeah, I actually think that there was some mis understanding about what Medicare covered. And so there was a thinking that Medicare covered just about everything you know. Medicare is a huge system. And there's all these codes and these services must be covered under that, too. But the reality is Medicare is very specific. That doesn't cover custodial care and custodial care is the kind of care of helping someone who needs help eating. Or needs help going to the restroom or getting dressed all these things that someone would say a spinal cord injury needs every single day that is not covered by Medicare. So Medicare doesn't have a great set for that care. And so all that cares, falling under a 45% cut, and I think they the legislators were Shown maybe an example or two of the high priced out liar. And ironically, that out liar probably survived this cut. But all the ethical providers can't take a 45% cut and it turns out most of providers in Michigan were providing care Atta at unethical, their small margin, you know, less than 10% likely, and so when you take 45% of their revenue away Out of business. Yeah. What? Provide What business in any sort could survive a 45% cut in their revenue And and the people that you describe. These are the people who need the help the most Anyone who has a relative who has dementia, who has, uh, Alzheimer's, who has difficulty because of a spinal cord injury, who has Gosh, I think of how many different illnesses there are that that require 24 hour care and on this is on top of the fact that they changed the rules about people in a family being able to put in. You know that That's what their job is. Their job is to basically take care of their family member. They changed that as well. So they're harming the people who need who have so few alternatives? This isn't about. Well, if you can't get it there, just go get it someplace else. When when these places go out of business. Who take care of our neediest citizens. There is no alternative. These people are just going to be left alone. That's where we way have no idea where they will get care. Because so many of the providers won't be able to provide care starting July 1st. So we really have a avoidable, totally avoidable crisis of care. Um, we're asking the Legislature to Make a small change. There's there's house. Still 44 86 Senate Bill 3 14, and what those do is actually provide a feed cap instead of a discount. They provide speak cap that mimics the 200% of Medicare. So we've actually provided the solution They were looking for in the first place in these bills, and it would avoid all these providers going out of business, and, more importantly, it would make sure there's access to care for these people. Were promised care under a policy that they bought hoped never need and were unfortunate enough to have that terrible accident and should have access to care. Absolutely.

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