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Opposition supporters and pro government forces in Venezuela's border towns over desperately needed aid. Lack of communication lack of medicine. So it's very important that of the world gets into Venezuela. A woman is appointed as the Saudi ambassador in Washington. What's the thinking behind the appointment? One can help of course, be cynical and see this as a PR strategy by the Saudi government to change the subject, and our sports correspondent finds out what it was like to photograph. Mohammed Ali one side. He was very very pleasant. Rochon a whole roll of Justice, very his mouth. I the world news. On meal Nunez with the BBC news. The Venezuelan opposition leader has reacted angrily to the use of force to prevent the delivery of aid to his country. Does that all options remain open to free Venezuela from President Nicolas Maduro? The president's supporters have used gunfire to stop lorries with aid from crossing into the country. Katie Watson is in Caracas after a day of clashes which left several people dead. A navy three hundred more injured Venezuela's borders remain largely closed despite pressure by the opposition lorries carrying humanitarian aid were unable to get into Venezuela because of the country's security forces last night, one Guido once again pleaded to those who still supported Nicolas Madura saying they didn't tell loyalty to someone who bent food in front of the hungry. Referring to the lorry that was set on fire during yesterday's demonstrate. Nations. The North Korean leader Kim Jong news on his way to the Vietnamese capital Hanoi to attend a summit with President Trump. Laura bicker reports from Seoul made. It's been made just hours after Kim Jong in distinctive. Green and yellow armor train crossed over the border into China. The journey to Vietnam is expected to take up to sixty hours. He's thought to be traveling with his sister, Kim, yo turn and one of his key negotiators the former general Kim Yong toll there speculation that Mr Kim Wiltshire. Some key business sites. In Vietnam ahead of the summit. Donald Trump is trying to offer him key economic incentives for him giving up his nuclear weapons program. Voting begins shortly in a presidential election in Senegal, the incumbent machi-, Sal seeking a second term as a modernizer who has helps to boost economic growth. The BBC's any reports from the capital this electoral campaign has been underway since early February and candidates have towered the country to try and Nova the six point six million registered voters. The current president mukisa has focused on the new roads airport in large infrastructure projects complete. It'd as proof that if given time he will do more to develop the country opposition candidates. However, see that he has done little to improve the everyday lives of ordinary Senegalese people with historic peaceful, ending lucrative transitions of power and no coupe since its independence in nineteen. Sixty Senegal is one of the most stable countries in Africa. Princess Reema been to Banda has been named as Saudi Arabia's new ambassador to the United States. She's the first woman to hold the post and takes over at a sensitive time with relations between the two countries strained by the matter of the Saudi journalist, Jamal, call Chaudhry, for instance, remem- has previously served on the kingdom's general sports authority at a time when Saudi women are slowly being grounded more freedoms world news from the BBC. The electoral commission in Nigeria has been considering whether to allow voting in the general election to continue into a second day because of logistical problems and violence in some areas polling did not begin until after mid day as batted papers did not arrive in time. Pope Francis will later today close the Roman Catholic conference on tackling paedophilia within the clergy here's Martin year. More than one hundred and fifty global leaders of the Roman Catholic church had heard presentations on accountability engaged in group discussions on collegiality and heard from survivors on the issue of transparency. But pope Francis has said that this summit will prove worthless. Unless there are concrete proposals for the safeguarding of children that can be applied to the church in every continent and culture in the coming weeks. The Vatican is expected to lay out a roadmap for handling clerical abuse allegations to basketball players from the university of Mississippi have Nell to during the playing of the American national anthem in protest at a nearby rally by white supremacist groups, one of the teams Dazs Brian Tyree said the plans were tired of hate groups coming to the universe. Cassidy. A school is to be reopened in the US state of Wyoming to educate just one child the cosy hall of school about one hundred kilometers from the city of l'armee hasn't been used for a decade. But from this autumn it will become a kindergarten for a child living in an isolated area. Many roads in Wyoming are often impossible in winter and autumn due to snow and ice and state law. Requires that pupils affected must be provided with access to a school building when it is impossible to drive them to other establishments. That's the latest BBC world news. It's six minutes past six GMT..

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