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Orlando, Phillips Harrison McKay, and then only have your top. Turn someone's down to the hairpin hand with the false or the circuit rider up in. Okay, not quite sure. As we speculate we will find out in June course at the front as Johnny gone, still ahead of Mason foster not much at all that happy in any field raise a foster Warren, the line out trying to get a run to the left hand which flexing down onto this straight before we believe me Binny's and spunky. We'll get cloud station on that. When we have Mason fostered, still challenging, Johnny garnish, Johnny garnished with the fastest lap of the race as well to nine to five, five, twenty five thousand Schuylkill Mason foster their side by side down the back straight into the right hander foles into the final corner then is all about the run down the street, but nine movies may joining donny's chest around holding on to Mason foster who has a look at one of the things about our of it and more than look. He had a front coming out of turn ten. The final corner is someone goes down. On turn the mistakes left time to on it to the facts, straight right up and trying to get back onto the bike marshals just trying to give them a hand and say, moved them just starting off the racing line so that he got me started provide a patiently waiting, not patiently waiting Mason foster to, let's go lap and a half to make a move sticks through turned six and seven. The far side of the circuit, the two left-handers in the one hundred happens Mesa fosters Catholic, those yellow flag Sakon catch him out. There is yellow flags, all the overtaking hotspots here he will not be able to make a move unless he gets a run to the line. Would you wanna do now may supposed to dive city inside will go soon. I won't think about it. They were on the last lap. So make some foster gives chase Johnny. Garner's turn to now turn three. Flick it from left to right short bursts. Turn four left-hander different lines in here, defensive on the way in the swelling awhile all open all the way through Mason foster looking and thinking. It turns number six, the happened onto the x-ray still nothing come in second half lamp, Johnny. Garner's has got this at the moment we've counting down the corners through the final three or four corners is a hat pin. The firm end of the circuit both of our lacy, just passing someone else in this race. They go side-by-side running up to the line Mason. I, it's got a good run on the left side. Gonna try the inside line. It's going to be a drag race, nine, and it's just gonna be Mason Fuster over the line by a few thousands of a second thing Mason. I got a great run out of the rice hundred. Join us. A cone. Exhaust system has just taken it, but only just I was. Very close to check at flag has gone out on his being seen by all of our writers. We'll get confirmation of the of the line. However, that was a very good one who has having gone out of the going Honda either side of the person that we're going past the bit between his teeth really. Just when I see the got, I'm gonna go around. The outside resent can became the insight depending on which part of the secular on through the one hundred three lifetime ages apart. But just when the way we're not, we don't show who's got this. I'm looking down the time to down so we will have to get clarification on. That's all systems. Either way. The winner was definitely Johnny on. It's all Mason foster phone. So finished, I didn't have become round. It's all McCaw give you much more than that. Very, very strange. Kiko tells not having the last word, but nonetheless a fantastic race between gone and foster who left it as late as he dead in order to. Take the position us the opportunity that was presented and well, I finished for first and second which way round it was moved. Give you that in just a few moments time Choi, Jeffrey in third place, which is another good result for Troy. He didn't actually don't believe have a podium. Two third places won't second place..

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